This coupon has run non stop for over 7 years!

Is your current advertising for your Mammoth Lakes business currently reaching people at their home’s or on their mobile phone while they are checking current conditions and or planning their next trip to Mammoth Lakes?

At this point in time you have just a few options to reach these people and two of those options get ignored by most web browsers.

The option that works best for businesses in Town in running a coupon or branding ad banner to our community of internet users who check out our content and information at, and on our Facebook pages.

If you’re one of our coupon advertisers you will get the benefit of more traffic coming into your place of business.

This works, just ask Tony over at Footloose Sports who runs coupons and discounts year round with us. He first heard about our personal referral marketing program 8 years ago.

Personal Referral Marketing as laid out in the video above tied in with our coupon program will drive lot’s of new customers into your business.

What would it mean to you to get an additional get 50-100+ new customers a month?

Our Stats and Reach can be found at this link

Advertising Information & Pricing

Personal Referral Coupon or Special Offer Program 

Our Personal Referral Coupon works great with in the Mammoth Snowman Community on Facebook and from our 2 Web Sites. People love a great deal and they love to support anyone who supports the Mammoth Snowman / Discover Mammoth Web Site’s and Social Media Posts.

The Ski Renter tried our Coupon program out over a decade ago and found that it paid for it self within about 48 hours via his discount ski rental coupon. He has run a coupon ad every season since that first year.

Footloose Sports has been with us for almost a decade running their coupons for a Free Hot Wax and Discount Mtn Bike Rentals on a year round basis.  The Westin and the Whitebark Inn have also done great with their restaurant coupon.

This coupon program works great, you will know since it’s trackable.

Here is what you get in our Personal Referral Coupon Program

#1 Help You Create Coupon Banner or Special Offer
#2 Have our Graphic Design Artist Create Coupon or Offer Art Work
#3 Banner in Side Bar Rotations at MammothSnowman & DiscoverMammoth
#4 Coupon/Offer in Coupon Deal Blocks at MammothSnowman & DiscoverMammoth
#5 Coupon/Offer on Coupon and Deal Pages at MammothSnowman & DiscoverMammoth
#6 Monthly Post of your coupon to our 50,000 fans, 40,000 followers and our 8000 group members
#7 Your own Business Page with your coupon or offer and our personal referral review of your business.

Cost is $350 a Month

Here is a link to the Coupon Page that ranks in Google that your coupon or offer will be placed on.

Here is a sample of a personal referral web page we built in our site for Footloose Sports.

Add a second Coupon or Offer – You can add a second coupon or offer for just $150, that is $200 off the retail price of the main coupon program we have. Footloose, The Westin and Command Performance have been using this special for the last 3 years.

Cost is $149 a month added to the main coupon program cost. Purchase the combo of both below for $499

Top Banner Spot Sponsor – At the top of each home page we have a coupon spot that we are offering up this year on an exclusive basic. This ad spot get’s the most eye balls on it of any ad on our web site. You can see the top banner spot in image one above.

The price for this exclusive all eyes see it spot is $399 a month.

Photo Report Sponsor

Snowman is now doing a fresh photo album weekly, images are featured on our home page, a photo album blog post and in our photo section. We are looking for a business in town that want’s to sponsor our photo post and displays on our home page and in the photo section.

In return for sponsoring are awesome photos that inspire people to come to Mammoth more, we will also included your business in our coupon program but as a branding ad for your business with a link to your web site.

Remember people will be looking at these images for years to come, your branding banner will stay with these albums forever.

Cost is $499 a month

Video Sponsor – Become a sponsor of our popular Video Reports that are now playing year round twice a week on our 2 Web Sites, Facebook and You Tube. We also promote the video reports to over 50 social media sites.

Along with our video reports we are now taking action footage from our reports and making cool Snow, Summer and Fall Stoke videos to show people what they are missing out on.

As a sponsor of our videos you will get your business branded for the long term. All the videos we make will be hosted on You Tube, Facebook and Vimeo for the next 20+ years so your sponsoring of the video will bring in leads for a long time.

In all video descriptions there will be a link you a web page we create at about your business. On that page we can have a coupon or offer that can be changed up monthly if needed.**

Your business will also be in the credits of all video reports and stoke videos as a sponsor of the video productions.

As a video sponsor you also get all the benefits of the coupon and offer program we have.

The other benefit of sponsoring these videos is they help the community bring in new and repeat visitors.

Here is a sample of one of our Video Reports along with some snow stoke action.

Cost is $1000 a month on auto pay or traditional billing *

** Coupons can be changed on your business page in our system as long as your a paid sponsor. If payments stop the coupon on the page can be removed or remain. However it will not be in our coupon system at that time and it will not be changeable. 

Call Noah Ambard on his cell today for more information at 808-220-5808.