Mammoth Mountain Weather Update 9-30-2011

9-30-2011 – 3:07 pm – We have been getting some rain as seen on this radar loop capture we got.

Not much, but some thunder and a few heavy down pours.  We have even seen some hail mixed in with this event here in Old Mammoth and up at the Mammoth Mountain Main Lodge.

We got this shot from off the back deck out here from out in old mammoth.  You can see the top of Mammoth Mtn in this photo.

The big news is the still the forecast big event for the middle of next week If that forecast is right we will have snow on the ground from 8000 feet up by this time next week.  Yes snow on the ground!  The chart below shows up to 3 inches of water coming into the area.

Up on the hill that could add up to about 20-30 inches of heavy snow.  Perfect to start building the base… opps but might be a bit early?

Here is the day to day forecast for the upcoming event.

Mojo helps to fuel these events.  When ever the red graph gets in the #5 area we get some good snow 7-10 days after.  We are right on track with this event.