Mammoth Mountain Today Snow Report 1-28-2012

Hello from Mammoth Mountain.  It has been a great week with winter like conditions, then it turned warm and then the wind picked up.  The results have been Powder, Spring type skiing down low and now some nice packed powder from chair 4 on up to the top of the hill.

Right now we are calling the base at 8000 feet 2 feet with up to 4-5+ feet of packed out base up on the top of Mammoth Mountain.  That means it is still low tide around most of the hill and you just need to use some caution.  Once you get a feel of what is covered and safe to ride you can relax and rip it up all day long.

Mammoth Mountain Today Online – Fresh Video from Mammoth

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Main Lodge 

This area has great coverage with a 3-4+ foot base of groomed out packed powder.  The snow has set up nicely and the am groomers are great.  As the day warms up Gravy Chute and Baby Gravy are soft enough to carve some worthy turns in. Watch for rocks at the top of the chute and the wall. 

Gravy Chute - Mammoth Mountain

The Top

Coverage is decent, but in spots like Climax you need to choose your turns carefully.  At the top of Climax they have a gate that allows you one entrance in.  It is a bit ice the first ten feet.  This is a result of last year snow pack still in the ground at 11,000 feet.  Be careful and this is not a problem.

The snow up top has gotten packed out nicely by skiers, riders and the wind.  As the days warms there is some nice soft packed powder around.  Try the Drop Outs for some fun.. you can avoid the rocks up high by traversing in from upper Cornice Bowl.

The Top of Mammoth MountainCanyon and Eagle Area

A base of about 2 feet is what you will find at these lodges.  The snow took a hit from the warm temperatures and turned spring like on Wednesday.  So your going to find some firm snow over there early in the morning.  Your best bet is to ride up 15 and then 16 and at that point head to chairs 5 or 2 for the best snow in the AM’s.

Little Eagle Lodge Area - Mammoth Mountain

Chair 9 Area

We had some great fun early in the week over in the great east bowl.  At this point this area needs more snow for sure.  The groomers are fun, but I would avoid Gold Hill at this point.  Lot’s of little trees are sticking out and they will grab your skis or board if your not careful. If you like adventure use the little trees as a slalom course.

Best route for chair 9 riders is to take the ridge run over to Solitude and then hit up one of the lower groomer runs back to chair 9.  The snow near the bottom of 9 is very firm early in the am so be prepared for it.   The best news is this area will ski and ride great when the next series of storms hit.


We got a few sample photos using some new gear the other day.  You can see those images here.  Image Gallery 1-26-2012

The Unbound Parks at Main are going off right now. Check out this video for the details.

About the Author: The Snowman has been posting blog reports about Mammoth Mountain since the summer of 1990. Snowman started out on the old Mammoth BBS system and used a 56k dial up connection to log on.

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