Mammoth Mountain Snow Report 2-11-2012

Face of Chair 3 - Mammoth Mountain Ski Area

Face of Chair 3 - Mammoth Mountain Ski Area

2-11-2012 – Good Day from The Mammoth Snowman, skiing and riding out on Mammoth Mountain has been just so much fun the last couple weeks.

I would have expected things to firm up with out snow for 14 days, but I am finding it hard to get enough time out on the hill to explore all it has to offer right now.

The bottom line is we have packed powder all over Mammoth Mountain.  As the day warms it loosens up more and more into a softer riding experience on and off the groomers.

This is making for some great off the groomed adventure skiing and riding.  It may be low tide base wise, but the experience is a lot of fun.

My recommendation is if you have been waiting for the right time to come to Mammoth now is it.  If you have followed my posts over the last 20 years you will know I never give you any marketing fluff just the truth.

Chair 23 - Mammoth MountainRiding up the Famous Chair 23 to the near Summit of Mammoth Mountain

Snowman’s’ Unofficial Locals Mammoth Mountain Snow Report

Weather Today is going to be windy with lot’s of clouds and snow showers at times.  A new snow showery winter like pattern is setting up for the next 3-4 days.  Little accumulation today, but a chance for 3-6 inches on Monday.  Monday PM and all next week is going to extra good with a bit of refreshing snow.  Full MM Weather Discussion and a Powder Forecast can be found here.

Wind Cast Winds have gusted up to 60 at times over the last 24 hours.  Looks for gusts today 25-35 out of the W to SW.

Base a this time we have a 2-5 foot base of packed powder and hard pack snow from 7900 up to 11,000 feet.  This is not enough snow to cover all the rocks, trees and stumps that are normally buried by mid season.  **Believe it or not we have enough base to have a great vacation in Mammoth at this time.  Snowman would make the 6 hour drive weekly for these conditions for sure.

Lifts all lifts expect chair 20 are open wind and weather permitting.

Grooming = 650 acres of groomed bliss out there today.  The shot below is from Saddle Bowl off of chair 3.  It gets groomed every night to a nice smooth surface.

Saddle Bowl - Chair 3 Mammoth Mountain - Skier Jim

The Top of Mammoth Mountain

Conditions remain great up on the top of Mammoth Mountain.  Right now what you will find is a mix of packed powder and wind buff with sugar on top when the SW winds blow.

Dave’s was EPIC on Friday with the wind blowing the perfect direction so it would load and move the surface snow around.  Climax has some good lines, just watch yourself as your enter.  There are rocks and a patch of ice from last years base sticking out.  Most of these obsticals are marked but many are not.   Just slow down and learn what is clean to ride and what is not.  Lot’s of fun to be had off Chair 23 and G2 at this time.

View of Wipe Outs, Scotty's and The Noids - Chair 23 - Mammoth MountainWipe Outs, Scottys, and The Perinoids

Top of Cornice Bowl - Mammoth Mountain Looking down a groomed Cornice Bowl

Cornice Bowl - Mammoth Mountain Riding on Cornice Bowl is soft early on. 

Cornice Bowl - Mammoth MountainCan you see your self ripping this up tomorrow morning?

The Face of Chair 3

The snow has been fantastic in here all week.  Wind Buff type conditions in Center Bowl with packed powder bumps over in West Bowl .  If you need a break from that take a lap on Saddle Bowl, it is groomed to smoothness nightly.

Face of Chair 3 - Mammoth Mountain Ski AreaThe Face of Chair 3 with some great Wind Buff Type Conditions. 

This top section of chair 3 has a few killer wind buff turns on it.  There is some slick snow off to the sides so just beware.  A good edge for snow like this will keep you under better control.

West Bowl Bumps Mammoth Mountain - West Bowl Home to Bump Skiing on Mammoth Mountain

West Bowl is the unofficial Bump hang out for Mammoth’s Bump Lovers.  Try the skiers right for the best two lines at this point. After the next dump the crew will be out to set some nice tight lines for your late winter enjoyment.

Groomers – 650 Acres of Packer Powder

Andy's Double Gold - Mammoth Mountain Andy’s Double Gold is fast. steep and flat.

Broadway - Main Lodge - Mammoth Mountain
Broadway and Chair 1 at Mammoth Mountain offer you up some great skiing and riding.

Chair 5 – The High Five Express Lift Area

The Face of Chair 5 - Mammoth MountainLaps on The Face of Five are fast and fun with the new high speed chair lift.

The Face of Five is a full on bump fest at this time.  They are firm early on and soften a bit as the day warms up.  Top to bottom bumps skiing is now taking place on the face of chair 5.

Dry Creek - Chair 5 - Mammoth MountainDry Creek off of Chair 5 is a lot of fun with packed powder conditions.

This is a shot of what I call middle Dry Creek.  This is now easy to lap with the new chair 5 bottom station now placed right in the path of Dry Creek.   The snow on here is great, but right has you come out of the narrow section there are rocks so slow down and pick your way thru that short section.

Chair 25 and Chair 9 Area’s

Chair 9 - Mammoth MountainTake a Ride on Chair 9 for Easy Access to Chair 5 and The Mill

This area of the mountain is still ski able and ride able, but it is getting thin.  You need to watch for rocks, trees, stumps and several bare spots.  They are also not grooming out here on a nightly basis.  I would stay out of this area until we get some more snow.  Use Back for More if you want access back to Little Eagle and Chair 15.

Back for More - Chair 25 Mammoth MountainBack for More – Looking out towards the Sherwins

Back for More and Haven’t the Foggiest have been getting groomed just about nightly.  That along with the warm days and low base your going to find some rough conditions in this area first thing in the am. As the day warm the snow become spring like and easy to ski and ride.

I did see a patrol putting out thin snow coverage sings on lower haven’t the foggiest last Thursday.   If your in this area take Back for More on your exit or just watch for a few bare spots and rocks.  My crew and I made a bunch of laps over here yesterday and had a lot of fun even with the lower coverage…. you just had to watch out and be careful.


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About the Author: The Snowman has been posting blog reports about Mammoth Mountain since the summer of 1990. Snowman started out on the old Mammoth BBS system and used a 56k dial up connection to log on.  Video and Photos started in 2004, back when there was no You Tube yet.