A August Dusting and Storm

Mammoth Mountain Cal Trans CamHello to all our Mammoth Snowman Fans.

Last night I awoke from a deep sleep to the sound of very loud thunder.

Once a wake I noticed lot’s of flashing lights which turned out to be lightning.

Looking out my window I saw a massive display of finger type lightning across the top of the Sherwin range.  Wow, that was epic and so were the endless strikes we saw and the very very heavy rain that came down.  We had several wave’s of action like this over night here in old mammoth.

Why mention this on a snow report site?  At this time of year Snowman is looking for these types of storms to bring some white up high.  Since the summer of 1990 anytime I have seen the peaks get white early and this is the second earliest, the following winters all ended up being above the average mark.  So let’s hope it is a sign.

Second check out the image below and you can see we got some white on the white mountains last night.

   Snow in August

Photo by Tom Loe

Ski with ya soon, Snowman Out!