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If you have ever experienced ski boot pain, then I can totally relate with you on how much that can ruin a day of skiing or snowboarding.

Back in 1981, when Snowman was 17, my feet hurt so bad I was ready to give up on skiing.

Luckily around that time I learned about Footloose Sports in Mammoth Lakes, they had developed the new Superfeet Kork orthotic. These new orthotic’s were designed just for people with ski boot foot pain.

I was told the Superfeet Korks are designed to enhance the fit and performance of ones skiSki Boot Repair | 760-934-2400 | Corty at Footloose Sports boots, therefore stabilizing your foot and alleviating a lot of the pain associated with an ill fitting ski boot. It took a couple tries, but I ended up with a ultra custom Kork bed orthotic and no more foot pain. My knees even stopped hurting after a day of skiing.

You know what? I still use those first orthotic’s in my ski boots today. That has been made possible with the help of Corty and his staff at Footloose tuning my orthotic’s up over the years.

I can say with a smile, I now ski pain free on a daily basis.

My advice is if you have boot pain or need new ski boots, take a trip to Mammoth Lakes and work with Corty and his famous boot fitting staff. I have sent over a thousand people to him over the years and everyone tells me they love the work that gets done.

You can call him and set up a appointment at 760-934-2400.

Nothing Beats Pain Free Feet while Skiing!

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