Mammoth Mountain Winter Outlook 2013-2014 – First Call

mammoth-lakes-pines-cones38-5-2013 – First off it’s way to early to make a call on next winters weather, but we always do anyway.

Snowman is more like the natives and takes a look at the plants and trees.

The Fir Trees are always the first thing I watch.  This summer we have massive cones forming on them and they are peaking out early.

I have never seen a drought year follow these massive cones when seen in July and August. Looking at my notes from over the years, 65% of the winter’s that follow are above average while 35% came in at 90-110% of the average.

For now I am going to enjoy this epic summer, but I got that feeling that it’s going to DUMP this upcoming winter on Mammoth Mountain.


Get your wood piles ready early and get in shape now for all those endless powder days that are sure to come at some point in time.  I just hope it’s 2013-2014 when that happens once again.  That big winter of 2 years ago seems like so so long ago.

Snowman out….

PS:  The Mammoth Weather Dweeb says that when he see’s trofing in August it’s a good sign of things to come for the upcoming winter.   cpc_NAM_f120wbg

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