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Snowman’s Mammoth Mountain Snow Report

Main Lodge Web Cam8-5-2013 9AM – Hello and thanks for stopping by

The dog days of summer are upon us here on Mammoth Mountain.

Over the last two weeks we have been dealing with the Aspen Fire.  Mammoth Mountain and Mammoth Lakes has seen some very heavy smoke at times.

Smoke or not, many our still out on the hill riding downhill in the Mountain Bike Park.  In the AM when some of the smoke clears out we have been out riding cross country and hills.  Still the smoke as been a major pain and it will good to get it out of the area.

The mountain biking will be EPIC once again as soon as smoke is gone, hopefully by the end of this week. Remember Mammoth Mountain holds a Downhill Race every Thursday at 5pm.

Looking ahead to Winter and Snow Days, the Ski Area plans to open on November 7th weather permitting.  Let’s pray those big fat pine cones I see in Mammoth are a sign of a big winter to come.  🙂  Ya right….

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Mammoth Mountain Bikers: you need to use caution with all this smoke.  Downhill is no issue, it’s cross county and climbing that can mess you up in the smoke.  Best time to ride is between the 7 – 9am hours.   Most of the smoke should be out of here by next weekend.  🙂  

Weather, highs will be in the 75-80 with lows around 50 with a cooling trend by midweek. Winds in the area 5 – 15 from the SW after lunch time.  Get full weather details at our Mammoth Mountain Weather web site.

Here at the web site we will adding video reports back every M-W-F by 5pm, starting on Monday. We are currently looking for a Video Report Sponsor – we have over 137,505 households that check us out … get more information here.


The View of Lincoln Mountain from Lakeview Blvd.

6:30AM on Monday – Photo by: Steve Taylor

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