Hello from Mammoth Mountain, California

7-15-2014 – 10:20 AM – Currently on Mammoth Mountain we have clear skies, light winds and temperatures are in the 60/70s.

Looks like a chance for heavy rain the next few days from afternoon thunderstorms.

On Wednesday we even have a flash flood watch in effect and we might see that extended into Thursday.   After that Mammoth Mountain will dry out for the upcoming weekend into early next before the next chance of Thunderstorms return. 2014-07-15_1019Mountain Bike and Hiking trails are in great shape across the entire Mountain at this time.  The Bike Park is open from top to bottom…. Get more Mountain Biking details at this link. 

If your a Mammoth Mountain Forum Member the site was moved and is now not working.  One of our local friends is hosting a new forum for us to use.  Here is the link: MammothForums.com.


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Looking forward to the 2014 -2015 winter season, Snowman will be back, his main focus will be on Weather, Snow Conditions along with Photo Snow Reports. We plan on posting every Wednesday of the upcoming snow season.

Snowfall wise, it’s way to early to have an idea of what will come next winter. Most of you have heard a El Nino event is on the way. Do not get into the media hype, El Nino events can bring drought or deluge so wait a see.

Mammoth Mountain & Mammoth Lakes Deals: Update Coming Soon

MammothSnowman.com news:  Finally a mobile version of all our local web sites, half of your our on mobile so get ready for a better experience.   Launching by 10-1-2014 or sooner.

We are also looking for new sponsors for the upcoming season.  Call Steve for proof of our effective advertising program to over 125,000 online users each year.

The sponsors on this page have been with us for years so you know we get results. Our offices are located at 420 Canyon Blvd in Mammoth Lakes – 760-709-1351.



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