Mammoth Mountain Today – 11-16-2014

ski-renter-2014-coupon11-16-2014 – 12:28 PM UPDATED Snowmaking BelowThe window-cast from out on Mammoth Mountain shows a few high clouds with snowmaking cranking in the Main Lodge area.   Mammoth did pick up a trace of snow last night around midnight.   

Current Weather Conditions: Up top it’s 17 with a NE winds at 40 MPH gusting to 60 MPH.  At the Main Lodge it’s 18 with winds around SE to 12 MPH.  We have a 24 here at our studio at 8175 feet right below Canyon Lodge.

Mammoth Mountain Snow Report:   For Day 3 on Mammoth Mountain, Broadway & Main Park have a good 12-20 inches of machine groomed man made packed powder along with some hard pack that softens up during the day. 

On Silver Tip to Main Park you will also find 10 jibs and one nice large jump, they also have some other cool features set up at this time.   Please watch for rocks and bare spots and stay on Broadway and the Main Park runs only please.

Mammoth Mountain Photo Shots & Snowmans Video Snow Report will return to action this Tuesday/Wednesday.  We will be having a couple video broadcasts & photo albums a week from out on Mammoth Mountain. 

Photo by: Mammoth Unbound Yesterday was fun. Let’s do it again today. #mammothsopen GoPro — with Brandon Davis.
Photo By Sam Nicolosi November 14 · Mammoth Mtn. Top of Broadway on the second day of the season.
Photo By Sam Nicolosi – November 14 · Top of Broadway on the second day of the season.

Mammoth Mountain Weather, Wind Forecast:  Today look for highs on the mountain in the 30s with night time lows thru the week in the mid 20s except for Monday night in the low 30s.   Winds will be northeast 15 to 25 mph, with gusts as high as 35 mph today.  Winds will decrease and shift to the SW over the next few days. Chance of Snow Showers on Wednesday, but just a dusting at this time.

Snowmaking Conditions will be great 5 of the next 6 nights in the main lodge area.  Right now snowmaking is taking place on Broadway, Silver Tip, Main Park, Sesame Street, Andy’s Double Gold and Saddle Bowl.  As of this post Greg and his crew are grooming out all the snow they made Saturday on Andy’s Double Gold.

Here is a shot from Mammoth Mountain taken at noon today.  That is full on snowmaking for Saddel Bowl off of Chair 3.



Extended Weather Outlook:  By the end of the week we just might see some changes that will bring in some more accumulation snow out on Mammoth Mountain in the 6-10 day period.  So far the long range outlooks we look at have been flip flop from dry to wet and dry is winning out.  

However in time we do believe we will be getting a under cutting of that nasty west coast ridge for some nice bouts of sierra base snow this season.  There is a chance for some under cutting to happen before the big Thanksgiving weekend.  We would call it a 50/50 chance at this time.

Here is the GFS now thru November 24th, showing around a inch of water for Mammoth Mountain.  1 inch of water = about 10 inches of snow.


Here is the Canadian Weather Model thru the 25thcmc_total_precip_cw_39Now finally the CFS and it still wants us to get wet.  The first image is now thru Thanksgiving showing 1-2 inches of water content and the second is the 45 day outlook showing 8-9 inches of water content coming in.

Over the last couple weeks the CFS as been showing 5-10 inches of QPF for the 45 day outlook.  Snowman is pray-in it comes thru for Mammoth Mountain and the entire Eastern Sierra.

cfs_tprecip_noram_2014111600_x41cfs_tprecip_noram_2014111600_t45Get The Mammoth Weather Guys Forecast Here

Thanksgiving Outlook:  As of now expect a few lifts out of the Main Lodge to be up and running on a base of man-made and natural snow.   In years past when we have had weather like we are having now they have been able to run chairs 1, 3, 6, 11 and G1 with about 15 or so runs open.   We will need a decent snowfall and some good snowmaking conditions to get the top via Cornice open and the chair 2 / mill area running. 

Canyon Lodge and Little Eagle Lodges:   Are closed until we get natural snow or until they can make snow in these areas.  At this point in time we estimate it will be mid December before these areas open for the new winter season.

Mammoth Mountain Photo Shots: click here for Snowmaking Photos from 11-2-2014 taken at 9am.  We will have more photos posted in the next few days.

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Steve Taylor – The Mammoth Snowman: Over the last 30+ years, Snowman have spent countless hours studying and learning about mammoth mountain weather and snow conditions first hand.

Snowman started blogging this information back in 1990 on the old Mammoth BBS system, then the RSN Forums and then on to in 2004 with his Video & Photo Blog reports. (No You Tube back then)

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