Mammoth Snowman Update 11-16-2016

ski-renter11-16-2016 – 7AM – Hello from Mammoth Mountain, we have cloudy skies but no new snow today.

The snowmaking system is back on and conditions on open runs will improve fast. Thursday is looking like a good day for some early season fun.

So for today expect windy, cloudy and then finally cold once again with a few snow showers still possible. Just a trace of new snow if we get any.

The real story for this week will be that the Mammoth Mountain Snowmaking system will be able to get going again. It looks like into Thursday they can blow none stop and then they will be able to blow 8-12 hours each night after that. Snowmaking looks good to go nightly now with no break thru Thanksgiving.

When will we get a decent storm in here? Hard to tell since the weather models we use are at odds still on a white Thanksgiving. Flip Flop they are just not getting it right this season. Best bet is to focus on today into day 5.

For today we will in the upper 20s with low 30s on Thursday. After that things warm into the 40s Friday into Saturday. Night time lows 16 tonight then lows will move into upper 20s at Main at night into Sunday morning.

On Sunday a splitting weather system could bring us a couple inches of new snow via some light showers. If this system some how would together we would be looking at a foot plus.

For our complete weather discussion with charts and weather images use this Mammoth Weather link

The Snow Conditions, Base and What’s Open:

Broadway the Snowmaking is back on this moring 10-16-2016… the snow in here should be great once it gets groomed out. See ya first thing on Thursday for some Broadway Laps. vid


Snow Report Update Tuesday Morning 11-15-2016 – Out on the hill we currently have a base of 6-36+ inches from Main Lodge up to the top. The snow surface is a machine groomed snow that is firm early and then softens up during the day.  It’s kind like spring skiing in November down low.

Up top there is some nice firm wind buff mixed in with some ice and suck pack. Dave’s and Cornice has the best snow, watch out for the ice band at the top of Cornice when you go to drop in.

Bottom line at this point with the wind and icy conditions I would wait until we get some fresh snow and snowmaking kicks in before heading out on the hill again. It looks like Thursday will be the day with a dusting of new snow possible and great snowmaking conditions.

What’s open this week? Chairs 1 and 3 along with G1 and G2. Runs that will be open this week: Broadway, Saddle Bowl, Center Bowl, West Bowl, Cornice Bowl, Dave’s, Climax and the Drop Outs.

The Drop Outs have some wind buff and hard packed mixed with icy conditions. The most icy is the access into the drop out’s, be careful and do not fall or you going to slide all the way to the bottom. 


Climax is still very low tide so no go for the Snowman. From what I was told it’s very firm on Climax with pockets of some fun wind buff. Use major caution on this run as it’s very load tide base wise,


Saddle Bowl is holding up well with a ton of traffic over the last week. Looks for surface conditions to improve if with get a couple inches of snow on Wednesday. No snowmaking set up on Saddle Bowl so keep that in mind. 


15064189_10209972419881673_181766821_o-1 15045271_10209972419761670_820853743_o-1DUMP ALERT!! New this season Snowman will be emailing and texting a dump alert once it starts to snow, along with our dump alert we also have a once a month newsletter that comes out the first week of each new month. Here is the link to sign up…

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