Mammoth Snowman Update 11-30-2016

whitebark_mammoth_coupon11-30-2016 – 7AM – Clear blue skies today with some fine packed powder out on the hill.

Right now the snow is just about perfect for the early season, if you can make it up it’s really worth the trip now.

Also to note we heard today that later this week they plan to get chairs 5, 10, 12, 13 and 14 open. In out photo snow report below you can see the grooming crew working at the top of chair 5 and down at Canyon Lodge.

Weather wise for today we expect clear skies with a high near 35. Winds will be out of the SW around 25-35 MPH mph, with gusts as high as 50 mph.

For Thursday expect cloudy skies with a chance of snow showers and NW winds turning NE and gusty to over 50 MPH at the top of the hill.

If you’re coming up for the weekend with should have clear skies, light winds and hgihs in the 30s on the hill.  By Sunday we could even see high into the low 40’s.


Lifts open at this time: Chairs 1, 2, 3, 6, and 23 along with G1 and G2. Lift hours this week are 8:30 Am to 4 PM.

Runs that will be open Tuesday weather permitting: Apple Pie, Broadway, Stump Alley, Rusty’s, Mambo, Forest Trail, Andy’s Double Gold, Saddle Bowl, Center Bowl, Christmas Bowl, China Bowl, West Bowl, Cornice Bowl, Dave’s, Climax, the Drop Outs, the wipe outs, Scotties, Road Runner, Unbound Main and more!

Snowmaking has been a great success over the last week. For the upcoming week look for the team to dial in the connection with Canyon Lodge and fill in the many bare spots and low tide sections as possible.

Photo Snow Report Section – Click images for a full size view

Climax & Sign Line was full of wind blown sugar today, add in that the snow base is still soft and the skiing and snowboarding was perfect in here today. It’s still low tide so slow down and watch for the big rocks that are still sticking out in spots.mammoth_mountain_snowman_11-28103148Drop Out’s this area slid big time on Sunday, however the only part that seems to have slid to the ice was the main Drop Out Chute’s top 150 yard section.

Below that the snow has been packed out and is a soft packed powder with wind blown sugar snow blowing over the surface. There are a few rocks near the chair line but coverage in this area is real good.  

drop-out-appronFascination is fully covered and groomed out with some nice corduroy in the morning and wind buff conditions as it gets skied.facinationBroadway is soft and all the little rocks and bare spots are now gone. I love this shot taken from behind the Mammoth Mountain Inn. mammoth_mountain_snowman_11-28103150Dave’s Run had some fun windy buffed out snow today. The long travers back to 3 is the only way out right now until they open chair 10. mammoth_mountain_snowman_11-28103147Face of Five will open at some point this week, looking at this image there are some good line to be had, just beware it’s vary low tide on the face and there are rocks just under the surface. mammoth_mountain_snowman_11-28103149Canyon Lodge is closed at this time, but as you can see the weekend storm turned things white and the groomers are out getting ready for a mid December opening. Expect to see snowmaking going in this area over the next week. mammoth_mountain_snowman_11-28103142DUMP ALERT!! New this season Snowman will be emailing and texting a dump alert once it starts to snow, along with our dump alert we also have a once a month newsletter that comes out the first week of each new month. Here is the link to sign up…

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