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25% off Black Tie Ski Rental Discount1-4-2017 – 8:50 PM – Hello and welcome to Mammoth

We are just at the start of what could be the biggest 10 days of snowfall in over 6 years.

Over the last 30 hours I picked up 32.5 inches at my cabin. I have light to moderate snow at times right here by Canyon Lodge.

Up at Main we picked up 36-42 inches of new now with over 52-60+ inches new over the top. There are already wind drifts 6-8 feet high up top.

Currently we have a winter storm warning posted for until noon on Thursday.

Here is the Snowfall forecast for the Sesame snow course at Main Lodge.

Wed 1/4 = 16 – 18” (H20 = 1.60” – 1.85”) **4 Verified 22 Inches
Thu 1/5 = 32 – 36” (H20 = 3.50” – 4.00”) **4
Fri 1/6 = 2 – 3” (H20 = 0.15” – 0.25”) **3
Storm Total = 50 – 55” (H20 = 5.25” – 6.10”) **4 [5-6 feet up top]

Sat 1/7 = 0”
Sun 1/8 = 15 – 20” (H20 = 2.00” – 2.50”) **3
Mon 1/9 = 0 – 12” (H20 = 4.00” – 5.0”) **2
Tue 1/10 = 12 –15” (H20 = 1.20” – 2.00”) **3
Wed – Fri 1/11 – 13 = 12 – 36”

January Snowfall = 0”
January Forecast = 100-12
**Snowfall forecast confidence ranges from very low (1) to very high (5)

For Thursday expect snow moderate at times with highs in the upper 20s out on the hill. It will be very windy, with a southwest wind 25 to 35 mph increasing to 35 to 45 mph later in the day. Winds could gust as high as 70 mph.

Snow Levels are now rising up to 7500 feet today and should stay there into Friday. By Saturday they come up to 8000-8500 feet so the powder will turn to base snow this weekend. On Sunday we get warm and snow levels are coming up above the Main Lodge to 9000-9500 feet. Then Sunday night back down to 8000—8500 feet.

There are colder storms now lined up for next week so we my get rain, but the next system should be all snow.

10 Day QPF is 24 inches of water for Main lodge. That could add up to 20 feet of snow over the next 10 days.

Get ready for a long long ski and snowboard season. This set up is looking like a drought buster.

That is it for now we will update late today on what is going on, let’s hope they can get 22 and 25 going so we can get you some powder skiing on the new go pro… Snowman out..

DUMP ALERT!! – New this season Snowman will be emailing and texting a dump alert once it starts to snow, along with our dump alert we also have a once a month newsletter that comes out the first week of each new month. Here is the link to sign up…

Snowman’s Photo Snow Report 12-30-2016 – Flat Light Conditions

The Groomers are a nice packed powder with some fun wind blown snow floating on tops.  These first two shots are from Stump Alley taken from chair 2, the stump alley express. Hangman’s and West bowl are filled in. Hangers is flat up top and down low with a bit of bumps in the throat. Snow conditions are a frimer snow with some nice wind buff when the wind gets going.
The Face of three had some nice wind buff at times on Friday. Great snow in here and it’s all filled in now so no more rocks. Try hitting 3 first thing in the am when they groomed out center bowl. Had to get a shot of the wall and Gravy Chute areas. The wall is a great place to get some powder if your at chair one on a powder day or storm riding day. Below the wall you have the glades and they are all filed in for some great powder skiing.
  Did not get to check out the park, but from the chair it’s look to be in prime shape. Work has begun to get the Half Pipe up and running by mid January.  Lot’s of snow in the back country with all the fall storms that came thru. Winter has had a good start with 2-3 feet new since the winter solstice. Looking up from the top of Broadway, it’s so nice to see all the snow we have. What a great base and with more on the way this is setting up to be a great winter here on Mammoth Mountain.  Scotties is getting groomed out just about every night. The snow in here first thing in the morning is bomber. Enjoy the cord and make sure you got a good edge.  The Paranoids had some fine wind buff with sugar on top off and on this week. When the wind is not blowing it a find skier packed out snow you can fly down. The Drop Outs, Chair 23 and then the Wipe Outs. Look at that base, very impressive and it’s only going to get deeper over the next couple weeks. 
Looking down at Main from Broadway and Rusty’s The Race Arena 
The Avy Chute Side of Lincoln
Top of Solitude off of Chair 5
Climax in the flat light

So these are the first images with my new power shot. I hope to get some better lighting on Sunday but we will see if the next storm allows that.

This week I plan on getting the go pro 5 out for some powder skiing video action, so look forward to that. Snowman out… 

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