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25% off Black Tie Ski Rental DiscountGood morning it’s 9 am and I have light snow falling at 8200 feet and light to moderate snow on Mammoth Mountain.

So we dodged the bullet and did not get 8 inches of rain on our snow pack. Good for the snow and that has reduced the flooding issues we had to zero now.

Yesterday when the main front came in it dragged snow levels down to 7500 feet. I picked up 8 inches of slop and then it rained on it till 3am when it started to snow again.

The good news is we are done with the rain this week and are expecting snow to fall instead of that dreaded rain.

Here are the snowfall total’s we think will happen at Main Lodge by 6am each day:
Tue 1/10 = 12 –15” (H20 = 1.50” – 2.00”) **4
Wed 1/11 = 20 – 23” (H20 = 2.00” – 2.25”) **3
Thu 1/12 = 11 – 14” (H20 = 1.00” – 1.25”) **3
Beyond Thursday it appears we will get a break from the action for about 5-7 days and then boom we get hit again. Looking at this AMs GFS we could hit a total of 200 inches at main lodge in January.

And since patterns seem to repeat themselves February or March should offer up more dump age. Most winter’s offer up a 21-day break at some point so we will see if that happens or not.

Out on the hill the rain to snow to rain and snow again has caused ice ups on many lifts each lift tower will be climb as it’s safe today and cleared of ice.
Looks like Main lodge, the top and all mid mountain lifts will stay closed today. There is a chance for chair 22 to open if these winds back off, but that is about a 50/50 chance at this point.

That is it for now I will have a full update later today and so will Mammoth Weather guy on the rest of the week.

If you’re coming for the MLK weekend get ready for lot’s of fun on a massive base of snow.

Snowman out…

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