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25% off Black Tie Ski Rental Discount1-21-2017 – 5:30AM – Good morning from Mammoth, Snowman has already picked up about 3 feet from this storm cycle.

At this time, I have moderate snow here at the 8200-foot level right by Canyon Lodge.

Overnight there was a good 12-18 inches of new of additional blower type powder. So todays ski and ride session should have a fun fresh start again.

We have a lot to cover this am so let’s get right to it, there is a Winter Storm Warning in effect into Monday morning.

Today we will see light to moderate snow over the ski area. By early Sunday snowfall gets very heavy all the way into town.

Look for blizzard conditions Sunday into Sunday night, then on Monday things wind down. Travel of any kind will be near impossible with excess snow fall rates on Sunday.

Also look for limited lift operations, there is a chance the mountain may not open at all.

Here is your detailed 5-day Snowfall Forecast:

Sat 1/21 — Snow showers taper off during the morning, ending PM/evening, storminess during morning operations mostly with a few inches accumulation. Snow begins again after midnight. Accumulations 10 – 12” by Sunday AM, 15”+ up top. Blower powder day Saturday.

Sun 1/22 — Heavy snow and strong winds (blizzard) during operating hours, probably beginner chairs only or total shutdown. Heavy snow continues at times overnight. Accumulations 35 – 40” by Monday AM, ~60” up top.

Mon 1/23 — Snow tapers off during the morning hours, colder type snow early Monday, a few inches accumulation during operating hours. Accumulations 2 – 4” by Tuesday AM, ~6” up top.

Tue 1/24 — Just a chance for snow showers during the morning. No significant accumulations expected or just a couple inches. This is the day the top possible could open for the first time again.

**Confidence level in this series is a 4 at this point.

If you’re a bluebird lover out on Mammoth Mountain ( love’s blue skies ) starting next Tuesday things will clear out and it looks to last thru the first week of February at this point in time.

Mammoth Lakes will need a big break to shovel and truck out the biggest snowfall month in our history.

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Photos from 1-16-2017 – Photo’s by The Snowman

This first image is from the Face of Chair 5. They have been grooming this section the the left of the lift just about nightly. Some really good snow in here the last couple days. Riding up chair 1 the amount of snow of the ground is just amazing after 5 years of drought. On Tuesday these racers had left the area and Fascination was skiing great.  Gravy Chute and Little Grave are becoming one run. Drop Out and Wipe Outs with a great base. The snow surface is skied out, new snow on the way just in time.  Loved this shot a buried snow fence. That fence is 10 to 12 feet high when the season first starts. Climax all filled in and ready for this next storm cycle. Next Monday or Tuesday could be the day it pops with 3-4 feet of fresh new powder snow.
Hangmans HallowBumps under chair 3 are fun with the wind blowing snow around adding to the fun.
The Face of 3 has been groomed to some prefect wind buff with snow spraying on each turn you make, it’s fast and fun.  A direct view of Climax from the top of chair 3. Dave’s with a strong NE wind blowing up slope. Top of the World Looking down on Lincoln Mountains back side The Mammoth Lakes Basin is off in the distance Looking down at Mammoth Lakes and the Long Valley to the White Mountains Chair 9 – You can see them digging out the yellow chair tower pads below. Drogon’s Back The Face of Chair 5 is all bumped out Cornice – it’s always groomed unless it’s a powder day. Saddle Bowl A better view of the Lakes Basin and the Mammoth Crest



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