Mammoth Snowman Report – 2-27-2017

2-27-2017 – 8AM – Good morning from Mammoth Mountain we have cloudy skies with snow falling at this time.

As of this hour winds are gusting to 65+ at the top of Lincoln. It a chilly 9 up top and 14 at the Main Lodge. Overnight we picked up 1-3+ inches of new snow out on the hill.

Expect highs in the teens and twenties today with lows near 3 tonight, winds will be out of the west south west 15-45 MPH with gust to 70 MPH possible. Winds are expected to back off later this morning, so mid mountain lifts should run after lunch or before if that happens.

Roads are back to R1 so chain up if your not in a 4 x 4 today.  Slow down and watch for slick spots.

Snow conditions for today will be fresh powder snow and machine groomed packed powder. Please beware that with the wind buff we had much of the hill is a bit firm and with only 2-3 inches you will find some dust on crust today.

I am heading out once winds back off and I will get some video clips from out on the hill of today’s conditions.

To get a better visual idea of what it’s like out on the hill Snowman got a bunch of images on Thursday. Scroll down to see all the snow on the hill along with a few shots from around the upper parts of town.

Up on the hill the base at Main is at the 210-inch mark, with over 350 inches over the top of the mountain. This is the deepest base for this date in time since the ski area began keeping records.

Check out this photo Flaskman got of the Chair 2 Snow Wall. Last time it was almost that high was in 2005.

Take look a look at how much water we have in that epic snow pack. We are tied with 1983 with March and April snowfall still to come. Amazing… Looking at the weather for next week we should have cloudy skies with snow showers into Tuesday morning, we could see about 3-5+ inches out on the hill before this weak system moves out.

Tuesday into Wednesday we will have sunny skies with highs in the 30s and then later in the week highs into the 40s under clear skies

The long range outlook shows clear skies after that right into March 10th, however there is a chance we get some snow this Sunday of that system sags far enough south. One thing for sure this Saturday it will be back to wind buffing out on the hill.

After that a big break and with lots of bluebird days to enjoy. It will be time to break out the sunscreen. High will be in the 40s with lows in the 20’s during that time frame.

It appears that around the 12th of March a new series of storm’s might move are way, still way to far out for any confidence. Just remember patterns repeat themselves so I would not be surprised to see a mild AR event.

Also to note the snow piles in town are 10-20 feet high, it makes it very hard to pull a car out into traffic. Please beware that people need to slowly inch their cars into the road to be able to see traffic while pulling out of local side streets and driveways.

Ski ya later… Snowman out

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 Photo Snow Report – 2-23-2017 – Photos by The Snowman



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