Mammoth Snowman Report – 3-16-2017

3-17-2017 – 8:15 AM – Good morning from Mammoth Mountain, we have mostly clear skies today.

Expect highs in the 40s with lows in the 30s tonight. Winds up on the hill will be out of the SW to 15-25 MPH with stronger gusts possible to 50+ MPH today.

Changes are now in place in the weather and it appears we will have slight chance of snow showers on Saturday instead of the clear skies we expected.

Could be a dusting to an inch of snow with snow levels above 8000-8500 feet. Winds will also be up with gusts out of the SW to 70+ MPH. That will put upper mountain lifts on wind hold as well as some mid mountain lifts. We will have a update on what will run early Saturday morning.

Winds back off a bit on Sunday with gusts to 40 MPH under Pt. Cloudy skies with highs in the upper 30s to low 40s. Snow returns late on Monday with some fresh powder next Tuesday.

Snow Conditions are now a mix of spring and winter conditions across the hill.  Start out at Main for a better snow surface and realize with daylight saving it’s take till 10/10:30 AM for things to get much softer.

Locals Choice: Hit up the Face of Three, Gremlins Gulch and St Anton’s for warm up bomber runs.

** Just a note, please observe the 15 foot rule, yes stay that far away from other skiers or riders. If not be prepared to get crap form the hosts or patrol. To many idiots at full speed come to close to people.

Up top it’s a mix of some firm groomed on snow on Cornice and Scotties, with some good wind buff type turns off the groomed. With the firm snow make sure you get a fresh tune over at Command Performance so you can hold an edge.

Should be some great snow mid to upper mountain with the wind blowing the surface snow around just a bit at times today.

Down at Canyon and Eagle with have had highs in the upper 50s, so the snow as converted to spring slush, corn and early morning ice and hard pack. It takes till about 10:30 for it to loosen all up. If your starting at Canyon take 16 to 5 or 2 right away for the best morning snow.

The base at Main is at the 200-inch mark, with over 350 inches over the top of the mountain.

Spring Fun this week – Photo from Elissa Houlberg

Looking at next weeks outlook we could see snow move in on Monday night into Tuesday night. Models are wavering on how much snowfall we will get at this time. The early outlook for next week system is 6-18 inches across the hill.

We will fine tune the snowfall numbers on Saturday when we have a better idea of what’s headed our way. Beyond that late next week could also offer up more snow fall.

There will be no photo snow report this week since Snowman has picked up a nasty virus and is home bound for a few days.

Have a great day and fantastic weekend, hope to see you up here next week for some fresh powder as winter tries to make a comeback.

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Photo Snow Report from March 6th, 2017 – Photos from the Snowman




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