Mammoth Snowman Report 4-7-2017

4-7-2017  1PM – Good afternoon from Mammoth Mountain, we have moderate to heavy snow still falling at this time.

So far we have 21 1/2 inches new at Canyon, 24 inches at Main Lodge and up to 3 feet over the powder fields of Mammoth.

Winds are gusting to 60 MPH up top and to only 45 at the top of chair 22. Main lodge is sitting at 27 degrees with a 22 at the top of the Mountain.

Roads are R1 on 395 from 6 miles south of the junction of HWY 203. R2 conditions from the Village to Main Lodge today… We will have an update later today.

Snow Conditions this am offered up some fun sierra cement powder turns up on Lincoln Mountain. Some fun stuff, once it got cut up it was a wild and bumpy ride.

Looks like we could pick up another 20-30 inches of snow by the time this system winds down during the day on Saturday.

Sunday is forecast to be a bluebird Powder day with the entire hill running my late in the morning. More snow coming in on Wednesday Night into next weekend. That storm will be a bit colder for better quality powder. 

Dave’s Run – Roma’s Run and Huevos Grande to the far right. Photo by Snowman

Snowfall forecast are for the Sesame snow course (Main Lodge)
**Snowfall forecast confidence ranges from very low (1) to very high (5)

Wed 4/5 = 0”
Thu 4/6 = 0”
Fri 4/7 = 12 – 15” (H20 = 1.50” – 1.75”) **3
Sat 4/8 = 24 – 28” (H20 = 3.00” – 3.50”) **3
Sun 4/9 = 4 – 6” (H20 = 0.50” – 0.75”) **3
Storm Total = 38 – 49” (H20 = 5.00” – 6.00”) [5 – 6 feet up top]

Mon 4/10 = 0”
Tue 4/11 = 0”
Wed – Fri 4/12 – 14 = 3 – 12”

April Snowfall = 0”
April Forecast = 60 – 75”

Seasonal Snowfall = 547”
Seasonal Forecast = 600 – 625”

The base at Main is at the 175-inch mark, with over 300 inches over at the top of the mountain.

Looking at the Winter of 2017 we have not broken the snowfall records, but we have broken the all-time record for most precipitation in the area.

Over 88 inches of water is on Mammoth Pass at this time and that has broken the record from 1969. They started keeping records up at the pass back in 1940.

Mammoth Mountain has a deep moisture filled snow pack that will last right thru the summer.

The ski area is making plans at this time to run the mountain bike park out of Canyon Lodge, with skiing and snowboarding well into the summer out of Main Lodge via Gondolas 1 and 2.

This will be the rare year they you should be able to ski back to Main well into July.

Canyon and Eagle Lodges will stay open thru April 23rd and then lift operations will be out of Main Lodge. You will still be able to ski or ride down to Canyon, just have a car or taxi ready to get you out.

The longer range outlook beyond next Tuesday calls for a warm up to more normal temperatures for this time of year and more spring skiing and snowboarding.  Here is the link to our detailed weather and powder outlook. 

Ski ya later…. Snowman out.

4-3-2017 Photo Snow Report with Photos from our Snowman Community the last few days.

Cornice Bowl Photo by Mark WalshHangman’s Bowl Photo by Wayne Smith

Chair 1 at Mammoth Mountain Photo by Frank BantleLincoln Mountain with a very deep base Photo By Frank Bantle

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