Mammoth Snowman Report 5-31-2017

5-31-2017 – Hello from Mammoth Mountain!

Today’s weather will offer up some showers at some point. We are not expecting much but could see some action for a couple hours later today.

Starting on Thursday the sun will be back out and we will see highs back into the 50s right thru the up coming weekend. Expect light SW winds at times 10-20 MPH.

Snow conditions are now full on spring conditions. The Memorial Day weekend crowd has been loving it out on the hill. Got to love that the ski area opened chair 17 out of Canyon Lodge making the parking problem go away.

Yesterday Snowman skied back for more to get home for the day, I have never done that past late April before. Chair 9 also ran this weekend and offered up some great spring corn snow. Scroll down the page to see my latest Photo Snow Report from Sunday.

If your coming up this week make plans to start out of the mill and ride up chair 2. If you want some firm snow get out at 7:30 AM and hit up the Main Lodge area, the Face of 3 and a groomed out Cornice.

The snow starts to get soft fast and by 8:30 AM Stump Alley is soft with everything else getting soft by 9:30 AM.  Cornice and Sunshine have silver lined corn going off by 9:30 to 10 am.

Lifts running this week and into the weekend will be chairs 1, 2, 3, 6, and 23. G1 and G2 are now closed thru June 16th, looks like they will be closed on weekends as well. Lifts hours are now running 7:30AM to 2PM.

There is still a base of 105-275+ inches out on the hill. That base will allow the Mountain to remain open into August or beyond at this point.

You should be able to ski down to Main Lodge into mid July with Stump Alley possibly open into the July 4th weekend. After that you will be downloading from Mc Coy Station. The last time we stayed open this long was in 1995.

Snowman will be out on the hill every other day right up until we close. Expect more photo snow reports and video updates on a weekly basis.  Ski ya later, Snowman out.

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Photo Snow Report from Sunday May 29th, 2017


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