10-23-2017 Mammoth Snowman Report

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Free Hot Wax Footloose Sports10-23-17 8:00 AM Good morning from Mammoth Mountain, 17 days to go before the ski area opens. 

Snowmaking crews have come on board and have set up snowmaking guns on Broadway and Saddle Bowl. They will fire up the system as soon as this weeks California heat wave ends. 

This week we expect highs into the 60’s on Mammoth Mountain with low 70’s in town. Night time lows are still in the 30’s with light winds 5-10 MPH in the area.

Look for highs to peak out on Wednesday and then things will slowly start to cool off here in Mammoth. 

Cooler air for some limited night time snowmaking looks to be coming in around 7-10 days.

Long range weather is tough at this time of the year so hard to make any more prediction for snow or cold air for snowmaking just yet. Something is coming down the line sooner then later I just have that feeling. 🙂 

Mc Coy Station Cam Mammoth Mountain

Things to do while we wait for winter sports to start:

Fall colors are now past peak all over the Eastern Sierra. However there is still a ton of yellows out there to be seen during this warm October week.

Fall Mountain Biking is in great shape, with last weeks 1-3 inches we have moist trails with a bit of snow out in the Bike Park. Remeber the Bike Park is closed so no lift access. 

All Inyo Forest Trails are open and in prime shape for a ride. 

Hiking is still wide open, however there is mixed snow and dirt starting at the 9000 foot level in the Lake Basin and in the Back Country.

Mammoth Snowman Snow Stoke and Snowman Report Videos

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10-20-2017 Photos by the Snowman 


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