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November 16th, 2017 @ 3:30 PM – Good day from Mammoth Mountain we currently have snow falling at the Main Lodge. 


Over the last 24 hours we have picked up 12-18+ inches on Broadway and the runs off of chair 1.

Up top the mountain has picked up 30 inches of base snow.

Expect heavy snowfall to keep falling from now until the early morning hours when the band of sub tropical moisture has moved thru the area. Snow showers will follow in the wake of the deep moisture. 

Look for snow levels to come down after nightfall to about 8500 feet. We could see a few inches accumulate in the upper reaches of town.

2PM – Just talking with Weather Guy Ted and here is what he expect’s over the next 24 hours on Mammoth Mountain. Over the top 2-3 feet of new heavy base snow, down at Main Lodge a good 12-18 inches of slop on the way. 

He also said there might be a bump in the snow levels to 9000 and if that takes place Main lodge would pick up less. 

Looking at radar the main band is just starting to hit Mammoth Mountain. That is one intense band of moisture moving in. 

Conditions out on the hill this AM:

Snowman hit the hill at 9AM and rode up G1. When I got off and went outside I noticed the guy blowing the deck was blowing thru well over a foot of heavy cement.

Next checking the snow around Mc Coy and over into the Glades off Broadway I measured 16 inches of new base snow.

The snow was so thick you just skied right on top of it… Those turns first thing in the am were like carving soft butter.

As the am went on and temps climbed a bit, the snow off of chair 1 started to get real slow, so Snowman headed over to Chair 3 to brave the white out in Saddle Bowl.

When I got to the top of 3 you could see better then I thought. The snow in Saddle Bowl was closer to a nice packed powder.

Of course I headed into West Bowl to see what it was like. There was some really nice untouched snow that also carved like butter. I did that 5 or 6 times, so much fun in there. 

The new snow is so thick and heavy your not sinking down like a normal snow storm day. That means you’re not hitting many rock, mater of face I hit no rocks today. 

Snowman’s take is we have a real good start on a base and should be able to open a bunch of new runs on Friday and more on Saturday.

Word has it they are going to use the winch cat on Cornice tonight and maybe open it on Friday or Saturday. Looking at the storm in progress we still have a ways to go until it’s over.

Take a look at this QPF chart that just came out. It has us picking up 3-4 more inches of water, half of that should fall after the snow levels drop. That would mean some 8:1 snow on top of the very wet base snow we have.

Whoo Hooo are you getting excited yet? — I am going to check the go pro and see if we got any good footage in those wet conditions this am. Could not take out my Camera as it was to wet. … check back in a couple hours.. Snowman out

Lifts and Runs to run Friday into the weekend:

Chair 1 is open servicing Broadway, Rusty’s, Fascination, The Wall, St. Moritz, Silver Tip and Andy’s Double Gold. On Friday at some point we could see Terry’s Run and St. Anton also open.

Chair 3 is open with access to Saddle Bowl & Lower West Bowl. The Face of 3 was closed today, but I would expect to open possible Friday, but Saturday for sure. That would add in Center Bowl, Christmas Bowl, China Bowl and access from the top of West Bowl. 

Chair 11 is now open with 1 run open. By Friday we expect all the runs on chair 11 to be ready to ski and snowboard on. 

G2: is closed, but the plans are to open it up Friday or Saturday depending on the storm. If Weather Guys 3-4 feet of additional snow shows up they could open they entire top this weekend. Before we get pumped let see what this last band of moisture does first. 

Climax still has a lot of snow from last season so there is a chance that could run as well. 

Snowmaking conditions will be great again starting Friday night thru the weekend. 

Thanksgiving outlook: Based on this current storm I would expect these lifts to run: 1, 3, 6, 11, 12, 23, G1 and G2.

If the snow level drops a bit Chair 2 could also be in play for the big Holiday.

Weather Wise it could go wet or dry starting Thanksgiving night into black Friday. The EU is the model that show’s dumper for Black Friday.

Stay tuned in here at as we will be updating daily now.

Sky ya later…. Snowman out!

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