December 1st, 2017 Mammoth Snowman Report with photos and video

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December 1st, 2017 @ 7AM – We have clear blue skies with no crowds on the hill this week. Come on up the snow is great.  

Over 80 new photos below from 11-30-17

We currently have a base of 20-60 inches out on the hill. The skiable snow line of natural snow is right around 8900 feet, below that snowmaking is set up and running full bore on a nightly basis. 

Canyon and Eagle Lodge will open in two weeks on December 13th, with the Night of Lights set for December 16 at 5PM. 

Surface conditions are now back to packed powder and wind buff with sugar blowing all around. There are a few spots when entering the top that the wind stripped off all the new snow and you’re on the hard pack. 

Thursdays best snow was on Dave’s and the Face of Five, the wind was blowing perfect for refreshing sugar turns. Just about every run on the hill had some of that soft sugar blowing all around. Let’s pray for more sugar snow today.

Check out the Fresh Video Snow Report below along with my new photo snow report from Thursday. 

Lifts running this weekend (weather permitting) are Chairs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 23 and G1 and G2.

There are now 80+ named runs opened, watch for obstacles as it’s still early season and what we call low tide. 

The weather for the next two days will offer up clear blue sky’s with highs in the 40’s and lows in the 20s.

Winds will pick up again later today and last into Saturday. Expect winds speeds to be 15-25 MPH later today with gusts to 40+ MPH. Winds on Saturday will be 25-35 MPH with gusts to 60 MPH in the higher elevations.

Then Sunday we have slight chance of snow showers with a mix of cloudy to pt cloudy sky’s and yes more winds. Highs will be in the 30’s with lows in the teens for great snowmaking. If that system would drop just a bit more south we could see a few inches of snow. Right now that is doubtful. 

If you’re thinking about getting some turns in it’s worth it to make a pre Holiday trip to Mammoth Mountain. Game ON and the slopes have almost no one on them. 

Snowman out…

PS Make sure to check out Weather Guy Tuesday update. 

Mammoth Snowman Snow Stoke and Snowman Report Videos 

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Photo Snow Report 11-30-2017 by The Snowman – click any image to open the full size viewer

The Face of Five was perfect with refilling fresh sugar snow right down the chair line. The rest of the face of 5 was a mix of Hard Pack, Packed Powder and blown in Sugary spots. 

The next few images are of the Stump Alley Express (Chair 2) and Stump Alley. The snow in here is a nice groomed out packed powder. The upper half has been getting a lot of the soft wind blown snow on it as the groomed get turned up during the day. All the runs off of chair 2 have a great snow surface and there are no rocks to be found. Upper Stump Alley Top of Mambo and Forest Trail – Chair 2 is overheadIn this shot Snowman is looking down MamboTop of Broadway and Chair 1 in the back ground and Chair 2 overheadLooking down Upper BroadwayLooking down Lower Broadway to the Main Lodge @ 8900 feet in elevation This shot is looking back up at the upper sections of Broadway and the Wall. Notice the sugary snow blowing around?The Wall and Chair 1Snowman took the shot of Broadway while riding up chair 1. Broadway is groomed out perfect with a nice packed powder surface and as you can see no one around. Here a a few shots while riding up Chair 1Baby Gravy ChuteTook this shot right after I got off of Chair 3. Center Bowl is getting groomed nightly. The snow in here is not to firm and ski’s best early in the morning and when it get’s the soft stuff blowing in from the wind. Climax – The big storm from two week ago slid big time as you can tell. You can see the ice in the upper sections of Climax. That is what is left from last seasons base. Going to take a series of storm’s to get that to fill in. Saddle Bowl at the end of November has long shadows. The snow in here is a very carvable groomed packed powder.This is the Hump, Scotties and Monument. The snow in here has firmed up and set up. The line coming in from Monument offers the best turns since it has seen a lot of skiers and riders traffic. We need a few inches of fresh in here, maybe Sunday will offer that up.Looking up at the Wipe Out – We did not ski these chutes and I did not see anybody skiing in here. Looks like a firmer wind packed surface with a slick icy entrance. The Winds on Monday stripped the snow at the top ridges line down to the hard pack base. Riding up Chair 12The Groomers have been great all day over at chair 2.The corduroy last’s for hours on all these Chair 12 runs.Skiing Gremlins Gulch to St Anton to Chair 1 is a ton of fun. It’s like the rest of the groomers perfect packed powder and the run is nice and long. Skiing down Secret Spot on 12.This shot is looking out toward Main Lodge and Chair 1Got to love this view right before heading into Gondi 1 Now is a great time to learn how to ski or snowboard, no line at Chair 11. The snow is nice a soft perfect for learning. The top of Mammoth Mountain – That sign is 19 1/2 feet tall in the summer. We got base My token weekly run down Road Runner. Watch for rocks in here as the wind is blowing them down from above. The Face of 3 – Center Bowl is a ton of fun and groomed nightly Riding up Chair 10 and you can see the wind starting to blow the snow all around. Face of Five and the Top of Mammoth Mountain – Taken while riding up Chair 10Solitude with a perfect groom and a wind blown sugar surface on the lower half. Upper half was a mix of very firm snow and some soft patches.
Dave’s is a ton of wind buff fun right now Face of Five and that wind blown lineCarvable Wind Buff with Floating Sugar on Top So I just wanted to say thanks to all who stop by the web site. Moving forward we need to monetize this site better so we can keep doing what we do. 
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