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December 15th, 2017 @ 1 PM – Clear blue skies over Mammoth Mountain Today. So much fun with the entire lift system now running. We are still skiing and snowboarding on some very fun machine groomed snow.

At this time we have a base of 20-60 inches, and there are over 120+ named runs opened, watch for obstacles as it’s still early season.

Check out our Video Snow Tour below for a sample of this week snow conditions.

There is also a detailed mountain report down the page along with your Christmas weather outlook.

Last but not least there are 50 fresh images loading for you if you scroll down this web page. 

Mammoth Snowman Snow Stoke and Snowman Report Video

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Mammoth Mountain Weather for the weekend expect highs in the 30’s with moderate to strong north winds. Lows will be back into the 20’s. There is a 20% chance of a snow shower on Saturday as well.  Sunday into Tuesday it will be clear with highs trying to move back into the 40s by Monday.

The wind forecast for Saturday is calling for north winds to be blowing 20-40 MPH with gusts to 60 MPH mid mountain. Over the top we expect gusts 60-75+ MPH and a possible wind hold for some mid and upper mountain lifts. 

Next Wednesday into Christmas Weekend we will have a cold front from Canada coming down the back side of the ridge. This pattern is a very cold one and could bring in a dusting to several inches of snow. There will also be a ton of wind next Wednesday and that will result in single digit wind chills.

Years back we had a system like this and it somehow got off the coast and over water and then doubled back on us for a 2-3 foot dumper. Pray for Snow you never know what can happen. 

Bottom line is get ready to bundle up… more on that outlook on Saturday. 

Snowman’s Detailed Report and Surface conditions as of 12-15-2017 1:30 PM…

Today is the last day of the preseason what a blast that was. Great snow, great friends, such good times.

For now we get ready for the holiday crowds to descend upon town tonight. Good thing all the lifts are now open that will help keep lines down. 

Skied most of the hill this week and one thing is for sure the snow continues to consolidate and get firmer on a daily basis. That firm base is still very carvable in most spots on and off the groomers.

Most of the groomers now have that nice corduroy surface that is soft. As the day goes on that snow gets spread around so a soft sugary surface that is a ton of fun to ski on.

However today Friday we had some SW winds pick up and they did firm the surface in wind exposed areas, so the corduroy was more crunchy then soft. Chair 4 and 16 had the best snow as it was soft and unaffected by today’s winds. 

Over at Canyon the runs are getting better daily as the snow cats needed a few night’s to turn the man made cement into a fun skiable surface.

I skied both Swell and Downhill again today and they went from firm on Wednesday to soft and fun today. Snowman was shocked it was so good.

Skied down to Eagle on Wednesday and there is plenty of snow on the open runs. It was a bit firm, but with more grooming I am sure it will be fun for some laps come the weekend. Runs without snowmaking this low are not skiable at this time.

Chair 25 and 9 opened today, Snowman tried it again and thinks those runs would be fun if they got groomed. The only good sections is in areas where the wind is blowing soft snow into. I hope that tonight those runs get groomed, we could use that terrain now that the Holiday’s have hit Mammoth.  

Chair 4 has great coverage and the groomers seem a bit softer then the other runs out on the hill. Great for laps with the kids. South Park is just starting to be set up with a few feature’s set up but not accessible at this time.  

Chair 5 has some great corduroy in the morning on Solitude, today as that run got skied the wind started blowing the snow all around. The surface went from a firm groomed surface to sugary and soft. The face is still carvable but has definitely gotten very firm with the wind returning. 

Chair 3 Center Bowl is groomed nice and wide with nice big carvable bomber turns possible first thing in the morning. West Bowl has some firm but still carvable snow with bump turns ruling in here. My favorite run off of 3 is Saddle Bowl to Gremlins Gulch to St Anton. I have not tried Christmas and China Bowl this week. 

Chair 12 Groomed out fun all day long, the corduroy in here is just a ton of fun and coverage has been good. 

Photo Snow Report 12-12-17

Looking at Chair 16 and lower Downhill Riding up Chair 16 with Lincoln Mountain in the back groundBottom of 22DownhillFollow Me Route to Chair 8 – It’s not groomed Avy 1Avy 2Riding up Chair 22 – This area turns very bumpy as the season gets going.Rock JumpStill need some more snow in here.Top of VivaChair 22 Top StationDragons Head and Dragons Back – Closed until we get more snowDave’s RunThe View from the top of Lincoln MountainSome firm morning snow on the way to Chair 9Looking up to the top of Chair 9Little Eagle opened on WednesdayThere is a lack of snow on runs they have not made snow on yet. The part of the hill got a lot of rain this fall. Riding up chair 5 This is the view while riding up chair 2The NoidsChair 23Saddle Bowl had some perfect snow this week.Chair 3 and the FaceSnowmaking in here for the slope style courseSuper Pipe will be open soonThis is the lower part of the Unbound Main Park – The un groomed area is the Slope Style course being built.Riders on Broadway with chair 1 in the backgroundUpper BroadwayUnbound MainView from the Main LodgeRaces Runs Fascination and Andy’s Double GoldCenter Bowl from Chair 3Cornice BowlThis is the Apron below the upper Drop Outs – Chair 23 is in the back groundYou can get to the Drop Outs and the lower Apron by traversing in from Cornice Bowl.Cornice is now groomed. It fun all day,but first turns in here are a blast when it all fresh corduroy.Bottom of Gremlins Gulch and upper St Anton – both are groomed every night. Gremlins still has snow in it from last season.Daves


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