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1-3-2018 @ Noon – Happy New Year from the Team at MammothSnowman.com 

Same old story out on the hill with the groomers rocking with some great corduroy in the am and a soft surface the rest of the day.

Snowman just got off the hill and did a quick report if you scroll down the page, you will see it.

Crowd wise there are a a lot of people in town, but they seem to be slow to get to the hill, so no lines early in the am and just light lines in the pm hours.

Let’s talk about the weather now, we will continue to have a mix of clear skies with thick high clouds at times today. Highs should be in the 40’s. Lows at night are in the upper 20’s to the low 30’s.

Winds will be out of the south 5 to 15 mph with gusts to 25+ MPH possible. Gust’s on Thursday could be 50+ MPH over the higher elevations.

Tonight we expect a 80% chance of a dusting to an inch of snow, with some brief snow showers early Thursday.

Then Friday night into Saturday we could see 1-3 inches of snowfall. Snow levels will be well above 8000 feet tonight and into Thursday morning.

Next Tuesday into Wednesday is are best shot for snow. Right now models have 1-3 feet coming in, that would refresh things very nicely. 🙂  For more weather details from the Weather Guy, use this link

Just a note we have some issues with the video editor, getting that fixed and then I will get you a fresh video report later this week. 

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Locals Choice – Upper St Anton and Gremlins are in great shape

Detailed Report and Surface Conditions

1-3-2018 – Snowman headed out to the hill this AM right at 8:30 am. There was a thick cloud deck over head, I was worried about flat light but you could just see the surface when we got to the top of 16.

First thing I did was head to five to get the beta on Solitude. When I got to the top of 5 and looked down I saw a ton of floaters. The snow was good and none of the little rocks did any damage.

The good news is that is the only run I encountered those little rocks today, the rest of the runs are all cleaned up and the groomed snow was really soft and a ton of fun.

Skied Wall Street and that was a blast being first down and laying some nice carved turns. The snow was much softer then when I hit Wall Street on Sunday.

It really amazes me how well the ski area is keeping up with the snow surface and keeping it in great shape. Even with limited snow everyone is having a blast out on the hill that I have talked to.

Up top Cornice is groomed and in good condition, it ski’s best first thing when they open and it still has a nice corduroy surface.

As the day warms up by about 10 am the lower apron on the Drop Outs is still good for some wind pack turns. Yes the snow pack in this area is firm, if you fall be ready for a long slide. My advice is to have good tune on your edges

Over on Saddle Bowl they have the snow groomed into a just about perfect surface. Gremlins Gulch is also in great shape.

Taking a lap down St Anton was just perfect today. The hard stuff that was on that run a few days ago has been groomed out and back to the way Snowman likes it.

Great job by the grooming crew working with snow that is all used up and has taken a hit from highs in the 50’s.

Back at the top of 3 I did a lap on Center Bowl, it’s a bit firm at the top so watch yourself. About 6 turns in you hit the good snow, it’s a bit firm but still laps in here are a lot of fun.

Over on Broadway, Stump Alley, and Rusty’s again a fun groomed out soft snow with no rocks to be seen.

I still think the best groomed snow on the hill is over on chair 12. Sure it’s a slow ride up, but that’s what keeps a lot of people off those runs.

Next I up it was time to test out Back for More. I had seen it had been groomed so I was wondering if it would be good or not. The snow is very thin in here with some little tree tops in a couple spots. The surface was actually good and I took a couple laps in here via chair 9.

Gold Hill and the other runs in the East Bowl are all closed at this time. We need a foot or more to get them open again.

Also to note if we do get a storm next week please be advised that the Face of 25 is ALL DIRT. If you charge into that area you not going to be happy.

For my last run this am I took a ride up 9 to access the coverage and I found it’s extreme low tide. We need a good 3-5 feet to get things going off in that area.

That’s my on hill beta from this am’s session. Plan on being out daily again now that the holidays are over. Will update again on Wednesday. Snowman out….

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Last but not least I need to move and I am looking for a new home here in town. Please contact me if you know anything. I have about 90 days left but I can leave at anytime. Thanks for your help! 

Photo Snow Report – Happy New Snow Year 

1-3-2018 – Headed out to get photos today and until the last couple runs it was flat light and dark so just got a few fresh photos. I will try again on Thursday to get more images.

Riding up Chair 16Skiing the groomed over at Chair 4Solitude

Riding up the Stump Alley ExpressThis is the Unbound Main ParkMid Mountain there is some fun snow shots off the groomers. Riding up chair 3


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