Mammoth Snowman Report 7-19-2018

7-19-18 – 2 PM – Good day from Mammoth, as of this post we have a thunderstorm going off here in town and up on the hill. Nice to see some more rain to offset this dry Summer.

Over the next few days, we will continue to see more moisture move into the area. By Friday storms will be possible of dropping very heavy rain in the areas that get the big build up’s.

All this moisture and storm activity has the high temperatures coming down over the next 3-5 days. 

Today expect a 40% chance of a thunderstorm, and then on Friday into Saturday at least a 50% chance of a storm. Additional moisture moves are way Sunday into Monday for more chances of some heavy downpours.

Highs will be in the 70’s up at Main Lodge and in the Mammoth Lakes Basin over the next week with nighttime low’s down into the low 50’s.

Down in town high’s are heading up in the low 80’s today and then around 78 over the weekend.

Winds the next few days will be south-west 5-10 MPH with afternoon winds 10-20+ MPH at times over higher elevations.

Enjoy the rain and thunderstorms the next few days, the long-range outlook shows us drying up and getting hot again by mid-week.

Scroll down the page for our bike report and info about what to do in the Summer in Mammoth Lakes, if you have never been here this time of year you should make plans to come up and check it out.

If you’re on Facebook and have questions about Mammoth join my private group, over 9000 people are there to help you plan your next trip up to Mammoth Lakes.

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Good Morning from Horse Shoe Lake – 7-17-2018

The Mammoth Mountain Bike Park is almost 100% open now. Current Conditions are a mix of dusty to very dusty trails. This weeks rain cut down the dust big time out on the hill. I would expect more rain to dampen down the dust later this week.

Trail crews are doing a great jump of keeping the hill in great shape. Come on up for some great downhill action or a fun cross-country ride. Also to note that the Friday Downhill Races Series is happening every Friday at 5 PM, call the bike park for more information.

New this year they allow e-bikes out on the trails. If you struggle to ride at this high altitude an e-bike is the bomb.

You can rent an e-bike at Footloose Sports, they are right at the corner of Main and Old Mammoth road when you come into town.

Beyond the Bike Park, Mammoth Mountain has a cool adventure center for Families right at the base of Main Lodge. There is also a shuttle at Main that will take you down to Reds Meadow and back to Main at the end of the day.

Last but not least check out a scenic Gondola Ride to the top, if you have an Ikon Pass you get to ride up FREE.

Hiking is now wide open, trails in the Lakes Basin are in great shape with most of the snow gone now. If you’re hiking my advice is to start out early when it’s cool and at that time you will find fewer people in the trails. You will also be out of the Thunderstorm activity by going early on your hike.

As for Mountain Biking out of the bike park, all the USFS trails are now open. If you’re riding downhill on the Mammoth Rocks trail BEWARE of horses and lots of hikers.

If you need to rent a downhill or e-bike or have you’re biked worked on Footloose Sports is the spot right when you hit town.

Fishing season is going off with some great fish coming out of Crowley, the Owens River and Twin Lakes in the Mammoth Lakes Basin. Here is a link on fishing in the Mammoth Lakes area.

The town’s paved trail system is all open, try taking your bike on the trolley get off at horseshoe lake and ride back all the way to the Village on mostly flat and downhill terrain.

Camping is now wide open with just Devil Post Pile campground closed. Lot’s of events up and coming here in town over the next 6 weeks. So much to do at this time of year. Come up and beat the heat and have some fun. 

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