Full Snow Report from Thursday 1-30-2020

Had a fun morning out on the hill, skied from one end of the hill to the other, but did not get to ski the top as it got fogged in before I could get up there.

Looking at the snow conditions in the Main Lodge area the groomers are all a nice machined groomed snow with a firmer surface underneath.

The snow conditions over on St Anton and the groomers on Chair 12 were great with a bit softer snow in this area. 

Watching people come off the top, it looked like some nice packed out snow with a fun surface to carve on. To bad that fog came in before I got up there for a sample.

Over on the Face of Five there a ton of fun little lines you can grab with some very fun snow to turn in. The middle bowl on the face and the skiing the line under the chair lifts was fun. 

I did ski down to 9 and then on to 15 this morning, there was good snow that was not to firm on Back to More. The snow down at 15 was also in good winter shape, with not many people around.

Next up I skied down to Canyon Lodge and yes it was mid-morning and I skied right on to chair 16.  They have been making a lot of snow on the runs around Canyon Lodge and the coverage is good with a decent soft surface to ride on. 

I took a look at the Face of Lincoln and it has a fair base, but the snowpack looked more firm then I would want to ski on right now. Might be some decent wind buff in the avy chutes to check out this weekend.

Over on Chair 4 and the runs around the south park, the coverage is great. South Park is all built out now with tons of fun to be had. Seems like the Chair 4 and 12 areas are always deserted mid-week these days as is most of the hill before 10 AM. 

They are holding the Mammoth Grand Prix into Sunday so head over to Main to check out some of the Action in the Unbound Main Park. The Half Pipe Final is Sunday at noon, check it out if you’re out on the hill. 

Snowman out…

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Face of Five in Flat Light
The Face of Five in Flat Light – Fog and Clouds are Dropping Down  – 1-30-2020