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Mammoth Mountain Snow Report: 11-16-2020 Got my first day in on Monday, it was great to be back on the hill again making turns. The snow surface was a machine groomed man-made base that was firm and noisy to start the day.

Temperatures were warming up so fast that the snow softened up a bit within a couple of runs. At that point I found the snow to be very fast, fun, and carvable on my K2 Ikonic TIs.

As far as crowds, there were more people out than I would expect for a Monday in mid-November. Lift lines are kinda funky with the new guidelines they have, just follow their rules are you can be expected to be called out.

If you’re skiing or riding single you can group up with another single. Just ask if they are ok riding up with another single. I was standing behind a single at chair 2 and by pairing up I ended up saving almost 5 mins of wait time for myself and the people in line behind me.

Broadway was my first lap and it was very firm and fast. Coverage was great with no floating rocks and bare spots to be found. As it warmed up the snow softened up just enough to carve some nice smooth turns. Sure felt good to fly down Broadway again.

Mambo is great from top to bottom with some flat groomed out fun. The snow is here gets some good sun so it softens more than some of the other runs that are open. The wrap around 2/3 rds of the way down back over to Main Lodge is open so you can avoid the Mill if you want.

Saddle Bowl was in really good shape, seemed like the snow in here survived the warmth on Sunday better than the runs lower down the hill.

Rustys run stays in the shade so the snow was much like Saddle bowl. Need to watch for some floaters about 2/3 of the way down just after you pass under chair 1. Not a lot of people on this run so you can ride a bit faster than on the other runs. I had a smile on my face each time I lapped this run.

Stump Alley is wide on the upper sections and then it narrows as you get down towards the base. The snow is here is good and I did not see any floaters.

Locals Choice Saddle Bowl to the bottom of Mambo

Mammoth Mountain will be open from 8:30 AM to 4 PM (Weather Permitting) There is a base of 12-24 inches on the runs that have snowmaking. Snow surface conditions will be a mix of a firmer man-made base with some softer snow groomed out on top.  

Runs open: Broadway, Mambo, Silver Tip, Sesame Street, St. Moritz Rusty’s, Saddle Bowl, Stump Alley, and the Lower Section of Unbound Main.

Lifts running are Chairs 1, 2, 3, 6, 11, and G1. There will be NO access to skiing and riding off the top at this point.

As of now, if you have a season pass you will not need to make a reservation to ski or snowboard. Please be aware that this can change at any time, I will let you know if I do hear of any changes coming. If you’re looking to buy a lift ticket you need to purchase them from the ski areas website in advance, there are NO walk-up lift ticket sales this year.

I hope to see you out on the hill this season. 

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