Mammoth Snowman Weather Update 4-25-2021

The spring ride of cold to warm and back again will keep rolling over the next couple weeks at least.

Todays system has been weaker than even this mornings weather models showed. Right now there is just 1.4 inches of new snow the ground at 9000 feet. Looking at the current radar and wind flow I think we will be lucky get totals in the 4-7 inch range now. Winds out of the south never produce much snow as we lose the orographic lift that produces the big Mammoth dumps. There still should be some really good pockets of fresh on Monday morning. 

A ridge of high pressure moves in by Thursday warming Mammoth Mountain into the 50s with 60s in town and mid to upper 80s down in Bishop to end the week into the weekend. Winds this week will start out moderate to strong out of the SW at 30-60+ MPH on Monday and then turning to the NW at 40-60 MPH at times into Wednesday before backing off during the day.

Once it does warm then you can expect the afternoon SW winds typical for this time of year when it gets warm. 

As the first ridge moves out a second but weaker one will move thru early the follow week and then around May 10th the next lows heads our way with cooler air and possibly some rain and snow showers. It’s a great time to be in the Eastern Sierra, come on up for some skiing, snowboarding, hiking, fishing and biking this May.

Snowman Out…

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