Eastern Sierra and Mammoth Mountain Mountain Bike Report

Mountain Biking Report for August 4th, 2021

View and Bench on the Manzenita Trail
View and Bench on the Manzenita Trail

Mammoth Mountain Bike Park: Some great riding out in the park over the last week, the rains we have had this summer have kept the dust down.

Everything from downhill to cross country riding is fun right now. The best days to ride in the park are Friday – Sunday with chairs 2 and 16 added to the mix of lifts running.

Locals Choice this week for Downhill: give Velocity a try from MC Coy Station back to Main Lodge. This is a fun trail with some really cool features, drops, rock gardens, and ramps.

DC 10 is another fun downhill that’s a bit tamer. Both these trails can also be accessed from a ride-up chair 2, Friday – Sundays.

Locals Choice this week For XC in the Park: Try riding up Uptown, then take Break Thru to the top of 16 and over to MC Coy Station. From there ride down mid-town and then do the Beach Cruiser Loop and take Downtown to Paper Route to Big Ring back to town.

This is a good hard workout with a good climb on Uptown and then an even harder climb on Break-Thru.

Lifts running on the weekdays now are Gondola 1 and 2, Discovery Chair, and the Bike Park Shuttle out of the Village at the bottom of Canyon Blvd. Chair 16 and Chair 2 will be running Friday – Sundays through Labor Day Weekend.

Inyo Forest Rides: For a fun ride out in the forest this week’s hot tip is the Mountain View Trail.

This ride is a mix of dirt roads and single-track trails. Most of the ride is in the shade so you can beat the summer heat from the sun.

Do beware this is a high-altitude trail that goes from 8400 up to 9200 feet. Bring extra water and expect to be a bit winded at first.

If you’re out riding the lower elevation roads and trails in the Inyo Forest, carry extra water and be ready to encounter sandy sections out there as all the service and forest roads have really dried up now.

High Desert Rides: Rock Creek Canyon is your best choice with so much of the trail in shade. Ride in the morning before it’s too hot and watch out for hikers and dogs on the trail.

If you’re going to ride down in Bishop I would be starting now no later than 7:00 AM or it’s going to be too hot to ride.


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