Eastern Sierra and Mammoth Mountain Mountain Bike Report

Mountain Biking Report for September 16, 2021

View and Bench on the Manzenita Trail
View and Bench on the Manzanita Trail

Mountain Biking Report 9-16-2021: lol we were all so happy on Thursday that the forecast had reopened and then we checked the window cast and said no way are we riding in this bad air.

Seems like the hits just keep coming, but it’s all good got to keep your spirits up. Yesterday was the perfect day to start a full detail on the Mountain Bike while we wait for the next clear air day to show up.

Looking at the smoke forecast chart it looks like by Sunday morning we could have some great riding conditions again with some decent air quality. Anyone else riding the trainer indoors waiting for the door to open to some outside trail fun? 

This really is one of the best times of the year to ride in the high country and on Mammoth Mountain. The crowds are gone the mid-day air is cooler and the colors are starting their slow changeover. While the bike park lifts are closed the trails are open and you can get some really good XC rides in.

Here is a fun ride to check out. Park or ride up to Canyon Lodge. Then start your Mountain Bike ride up Big Ring then onto Paper Route heading towards Main Lodge.

Next, take the hill climb up Break Thru over to Mc Coy Station. This is a fun climb and it takes you right across the face of five.

From MC Coy station head out Gravy Train all the way out to the Noids. Then you finish the ride by jumping on Beach Cruiser and riding around Reds Lake and then back to Main Lodge. You can get back to Canyon via Downtown to the Big Ring Trail.

If you need bike rentals or bike service, check out Footloose Sports, they have a full line of bike rentals still out and ready to go. Snowman out…

Mammoth Mountain Bike Park Map
Mammoth Mountain Bike Park Map

Last ride out on Mammoth Mountain before the Forest closed down. (8-30-21)

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