Fall Colors in Mammoth Lakes and the Eastern Sierra

10-2-2021 Fall Colors Update: Fall Colors are so dependent on our weather. The extended warm days of September seem to have slowed the start in our area a bit.

In the last few days with the cooler weather that came in, the colors above 8500 – 9000 feet have really turned to peak quick.

For Mammoth Lakes most of the trees are still green and just beginning their process of change. Out in old Mammoth, I saw a few trees changing over to yellow and red on Tuesday.

Once I was above the 8500-foot level there started to be peaking colors on the upper sections of Old Mammoth Road.

Fall Color by the Old Mammoth Mines

Up in the Mammoth Lakes Basin, the few Aspens that are in that area are all yellow with some peaking and even a few browned up leaves.

The Laura Lakes area in the upper sections is all peaking right now, you can see it from parts of Mammoth Lakes. The 4 x 4 road into that basin is still washed out and closed at this time.

Convict Lake is just starting the changeover, give it a week and it should be coloring up nicely.

MC Gee Creek Road is a mix of green at the bottom of the road to peaking colors in the upper elevations around the 9000-foot level. It’s worth a drive up at this time, just beware of the narrow road.

Rock Creek Canyon Road is the best of all the canyons for Fall colors in Southern Mono County. I really think this is the best of the drives in the area. You get 12 miles of Aspen views that are just amazing to see.

Right now the lower sections most of the trees are just changing over. With a few of the trees in yellow and red at this time.

As you get a few miles up that road you quickly get into some awesome fall colors.

Of course, the upper sections near Rock Creek Lodge are pretty much in peak right now. With the cold temperatures the last few nights you will even notice some of the leaves have browned up.


For Inyo County, Bishop Creek Canyon is the place for Fall Colors. Grab your camera and roll up the road to South Lake and then North Lake. Right now you will find this road as some great color in the higher-up sections.

Here is a tip for the best viewing of the colors, take your drives during the PM hours when the sun is shining directly thru the leaves. It’s really amazing when you see how those leaves will glow with the sun shining thru them.

I have had a chance to post the photos I took Tuesday below. I did get a bunch of images and videos yesterday of MC Gee Creek and Rock Creek that I will be editing later today and adding here at the website in the next 24 hours.

Next Monday we will be back out there getting fresh images and video of the change over progress from all these Canyons.

Fall Colors are such a blessing I hope you enjoy the photos if you can’t be here to see them in person. Snowman…

Eastern Sierra Fall Colors 2021