11-2-21 @ 8:20 AM – Good Tuesday morning, the sun is shining and the snow is going to get soft today.

Checking in on conditions this you will find some clouds in the area that should be gone by mid-morning. At Main Lodge, the temperature is 35 with WSW winds @ 3 MPH gusting to 29 MPH. The base from Main to the Top is 1-3 feet with some obstacles showing. The snow surface is firm pack early softening up as the day warms up.

Weather Forecast: On Tuesday for Mammoth Mountain expect decreasing clouds. Winds will be out of the southwest 10 to 15 mph, with gusts as high as 30 mph. Highs at the 9000-foot level will be near 51 today. By Wednesday there will be clear skies and with a high of around 55 now forecasted. Lows will be in the mid to upper 30s so no snow-making in sight.

Use this link for complete Mammoth and Eastern Sierra Weather.

The Snow Report: We know have, Spring in Fall conditions at Mammoth Mountain. Once the snow loosens up the turns you will find this early November are a blast.

Up top, the Cornice Bowl is a machine groomed firmer winter snow that you can still carve a good edge in. Daves is also in a mid-winter firm snowpack condition, just watch for rocks on the way back to 3.

The rest of the hill turned to spring and is firm until it warms up enough to get soft. Looks like over the next few days the lower runs will start to soften up around 10 to 10:30 AM. If you check the temperatures at Main and see it’s in the 30s you know the snow is still firm. 

The grooming crew has done a great job with that converted spring-type snow, making the surface carvable early in the morning for those who love the hard-pack race turns. Once those groomers get soft you have a get a really nice carve out of them.

Have to say it again it’s spring in fall out there. Make sure to wax and buff your skies & board each day this week. As the lower runs spring up that snow is going to get slow.

Operations: Mammoth Mountain is now open out of Main Lodge with chairs 1, 3, and G1 and G2. Lift hours are 8:30 AM to 4 PM. Mid-week is now deserted so you have lots of room to let em ride out there. Please note there is no beginner runs open at this time until crews can make snow or the next storm hits.

The Parking Shuttle is running as needed each day. The Redline is Closed with the Town Trolleys running.

Other Things to Do this Fall:

Fall Colors: You will still find some great Fall colors in the Bishop and Round Valley areas. Millpond is a great place to park and walk around the color or take in a round of Disk Golf.

Mountain Biking: Rock Creek Canyon, Chipmunk Canyon, White Mountain, and The Big Buttermilk – Tungsten Loop are all in great shape and under the snow line.

After the rain event, we had last week the soil is all firm in these areas and is offering up a great ride. Besides skiing, we like to ride mountain bikes a couple of times a week during the winter.

Hiking: If you like to hike in the snow and icy conditions that is what you will find above 8500 feet. Below that line, you will find some great hiking at Lower Rock Creek Canyon, Convict Lake Trail, and the Sherwin Lakes Trail*.

Bishop is a great place to be during Fall with lots of hikes and walks, here is a link to learn more about that area.

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The Drop Outs - 10-29-21
The Drop Outs - 10-29-21

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