Snow Report from the Snowman

11-23-2021 – 8 AM Here is an update on the current snow conditions out on Mammoth Mountain.

Lots of fun to be had out on the hill this week, just expect a hard pack base with some soft snow on top. 

The current base is sitting at 1-3 feet from 9000 feet up. Temperatures have cooled off with overnight lows going to a solid freeze nightly.

The lower runs off of chair 1 are now machine groomed and firm with a softer surface as the corduroy gets shaved off during the morning ski session.

Grooming crews are doing an amazing job on the runs off the lower mountain runs. If you like fast perfectly groomed corduroy get out for the first chair and let them fly.

Over the upper mountain, the snowpack is in a firm winter base state with a softer surface of snow that gets recharged when the wind picks up.

Give the Drop Outs a shot via the traverse over from Cornice. Once you’re into the apron there are some really fun flatter wind buff turns to be had.

Yes, you need to watch for rocks on the traverse, go high to avoid most of them, or drop in from Sunshine.

The cornice has been getting groomed to perfection this Fall. First runs in the morning are a very fast corduroy surface with no carry-over edge from the groomer’s blade. With that kind of groom, you can really get some speed first run in the morning before anyone else is out.

As the morning goes on the snow on Cornice Bowl from last night’s groom gets pushed and blown around for some more fun turns off the top. You do need to beware as there are some rocks starting to show at the top of Cornice on Sunday afternoon. 

Chair 5 is running with some really fun turns on a nicely groomed-out Solitude right now. With access to these runs being a bit difficult you will find Solitude wide open with just a few people.

To get to chair 5 you take chair 3 up and go down to 5 via Coyote or you can go off the back of 3 and come across the face of 5. The latter is my preferred way.

Each route has some issues with thinner coverage so just take it easy and you can make it thru without hitting any rocks or stumps.

To get back to the Main Lodge side you need to ski down the access road over to the face of 3 and come thru the Christmas Bowl area.

The report I just got was that there are some thin spots so you will need to go slow and watch out till you get back over to Center Bowl.

Chair 3 has a firm winter snowpack at this time. Center Bowl is covered well but has big firm bumps I would avoid.

West Bowl has smaller bumps along with some flatter wind buff turns. West Bowl is extra nice when the wind machine starts to blow the snow around.

All and in all, there is some fun skiing and riding out on the hill at this time. You got to love low tide adventure skiing and riding, tons of fun to be had you just need to watch for out rocks and stumps and … slow down.

This snow report is compiled from on hill beta from Snowman and Snow Reporter Jon, information is current to the day.