Mammoth Snowman Snow and Trip Report from January 15th 2022

January 15th, 2022 8:30 PM Good Saturday evening, I hit the hill up on Friday (see photos below) skiing out of Little eagle at first chair. I was shocked to find the groomers over to Canyon to be very firm and hard. A big change from just a couple of days earlier when that snow was the kind. 

I made a quick exit from the Canyon area and headed up 16 and over to 5 where the snow was softer but still a bit on the firm side. I did a bunch of laps on Solitude and the snow was pretty decent on both sides of the run. 

Worked my way over to the Mill and Main and did a bunch of laps on Saddle Bowl, World Cup, St Anton, Fascination, Terrys, Cornice Bowl, and Mambo. 

The snow over here, like the rest of the hill, had changed big time since my report from the 12th, with the snowpack having firmed up. 

Firm or not the snow on the groomers was carve-able and a ton of fun to ride on. I left with a smile on my face after 4 hours of turns.

I did not ski off the groomed as I am still recovering from head trauma and can’t ski in those areas. From what I was told there is a mix of firm wind buff to hardpack off the groomed runs. 

The bottom line is you can expect the snowpack to continue to firm up a bit more each morning.  My plan starting on Monday is to ski from 10 AM to 2 PM for the best snow conditions on the groomers.

And yes I am stuck on the groomers for a while until I can fully heal and conditions get soft again. 

Ski ya later… Snowman 🙂

Please read our disclaimer here. FYI: Everything I report here is just my observations from what I am seeing the last time I was on the hill. Of course, nothing is official, I seldom get updates from the hill, it’s just me and the people who report back to me what’s going on.

January 14th Video Snow Tour of Mammoth Mountain – Big changes in the two videos below. Perfect snow on Monday/Tuesday and then much firmer snow by Fridays snow tour.

Base: As of 1-15, the Mammoth Snow Study site is showing 78 inches at the 9000-foot level. The base up top is being reported at 175 inches.

Ski Area and Town Shuttles: Here is the link to the 2021/22 Town & Ski Area Shuttle Guide, this is a pdf, open the link and print or save.

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Mammoth Snowman Snow and Trip Report from January 15th 2022