Recreational Weather Report for Mammoth Mountain & the Eastern Sierra

3-6-22 – 4:50 PM

Weather Forecast Overview: The inside slider that brought the snow on Friday and Saturday is slowly drifting to the east now. Expect a NE flow on Monday reversing to an SW flow by Tuesday.

By Wednesday night the next inside slider will start to be the main factor for Eastern Sierra weather into Friday.

The GFS has some snow showers on Wednesday night and with the EPS showing them on Thursday.

Looks like a dusting at best with some cooler air and NE winds into early Friday.

If you’re going to be out on the hill Monday expect clear skies with highs in the upper 20s to low 30s with NE winds on the mid and upper mountain. Wind speeds will be 15 -25 MPH with upper mountain winds in the 30-40 MPH range gusting to 55+ at times.

By Tuesday and Wednesday highs jump up about 10 degrees and the NE winds shifting to the SW at 10-15 MPH.
Lower elevations:

Mammoth Lakes & Crowley Lake: 36 on Monday with a 44 Tuesday and Wednesday. Winds will be light out the NE on Monday and light out of the SW Tuesday and Wednesday.

Bishop and Mill Pond: Highs will be in the low 50s on Monday with low 60s for Tuesday and Wednesday.

At this point, you can call that a wrap on Winter. I do think we will continue to see some more light spring snowfall and at some point a spring storm with a foot or more.

Never seen a season like this before, el dump o for 1 – 3 week cycle and then la nada.

If you look back to early October the long-range weather charts everyone was looking at showed only one month that would not be bone dry and that was December.

What is strange is that even in past dry years some decent storms would make it into the area.

Let’s hope things change next winter, we have now had 9 drier winters out of the last 11, with 17 and 19 the only big years.

That’s was after a decade that saw 7 big winters with those winters all having multiple 100-inch snowfall months.

Looking ahead to Summer it looks like above-average highs but not exceptional like last year.

With normal precipitation expected that means at some point T Storms enter the picture. This is not the year to get excited about T Storms unless they contain copious amounts of moisture.

It’s going to be a crazy wildfire season again this year. Let’s hope and pray it holds off till later in the Summer or better yet let’s pray for that long-awaited tropical storm to hit and dump 4-5 inches of rain on the Sierra.

My advice for Summer travel is to be here for the early part of the Summer if you can. After that be flexablie with you’re plans and check this weather report page before you come up.


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