Mammoth Mountain Snow Report from the Snowman

Eastern Sierra Morning Report from the Snowman

April 7th, 2022 @ 7:11 AM – Good morning, it’s a beautiful day here in the Eastern Sierra. There are blue skies region-wide with light winds over the high country today.

Today area high temperatures will be coming up to near-record levels for early April with highs at Main Lodge in the 60s and Mammoth Lakes into the 70s with Bishop in the 80s. Get out and enjoy the next few days and the weekend. By next week there will be a return toward winter conditions with more snow and cold in the offering.

This week’s warm-up will bring the snowline further up in elevation, right now the area is snowless below around 7500 feet. Then up to 8000 feet, the snow is gone in areas of direct sun with snow patches in areas that are in the shade.

Checking out at Shady Rest there is a mix of snow and dirt now while the Mammoth Sherwin Creek and Mammoth Creek dirt roads are open and good for a drive or mountain bike ride.

The Mammoth Lakes paved trails are mostly cleared out from Kelly Road down into and around town now. Just beware of the snow piles that have not melted in the shady spots.

Up in the Mammoth Lakes Basin Lakes, everything is still frozen and covered in snow but the early thaw is on.

In the lower elevations with the snow gone, you can venture off on all the dirt roads in the area, most roads are dust-free right now. Crowley Lake is ice-free with crews at the marina getting ready for the opener that is one month away.

Toms Place and the lower part of Upper Rock Creek road are open, with Lower Rock Creek into full snow-less spring mode.

If you venture around Bishop, Spring is in full bloom. The high desert is also turning to a lovely shade of green from the top of the grade down now.  

Mountain Biking Clips from Chipmunk Canyon outside of Bishop

Mammoth Mountain Webcam Live Feed
MC Coy Station Window cast @ Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth Mountain Ski Patrol April 6th 2022 – Photos sent in from DoogiedocApril 6th Never Forget - Rest in Peace Brothers April 6th Never Forget – Rest in Peace Brothers

Recreational Weather Forecast: If you’re going to be out on the hill or out in the high country (8500 Feet or higher) today you can expect clear skies with highs in the 60s. Winds will be out of the SW into Saturday at 5-15 MPH.

Nighttime lows this week will be in the low to mid-30s, so expect the snow to continue the freeze-thaw cycle that creates the real corn snow.

Lower Elevations: From Mammoth Lakes down to Toms Place expect clear skies, highs will be in the low 70s with the Bishop/Mill Pond areas in the mid-80s. Winds in lower elevations will be light at 5-10 MPH out of the SW at times.

For the full Mammoth Mountain and Eastern Sierra weather forecast use this link.

Snow Conditions: The snow conditions are now full-on Spring from top to bottom out on Mammoth Mountain. To get my full Mammoth Mountain Snow Report use this link.

East Side Mountain Biking: The season is on in elevations below 8000 feet. The next few days will be a great time for an adventure down to Lower Rock Creek Canyon. Or give Sherwin Road off of Old Mammoth Road a spin.

To learn more about where to ride right now check out the East Side Mountain Bike Report Page.

Lower Rock Creek Trail
Lower Rock Creek Trail

What Else is There to Do!

Spring is the perfect dual-sport season here in the Eastern Sierra. You can get some great morning turns out on Mammoth Mountain and then take in a second adventure later in the day.

As the snow melts over the next couple of months there will be more and more to do each week. Right now the snow line sits at the edge of Mammoth Lakes with patchy snow in town up to the 8000 foot level.

Below are a few ideas of what to do in the area at this time.

Scenic Gondola Rides: Taking a ride to the top of Mammoth Mountain is an amazing experience. The views are breathtaking as you ride up and beyond compare once you’re standing at the top.

Once you reach the top station you will have a 360 degrees view of the Eastern Sierra and the Sierra Nevada. Here is the link to learn more and get your ticket for your ride up.

Camping: For now you will find limited Camping in Mono County. The snow line is right at Mammoth Lakes with about 6-10 inches in the Shady Rest Camp Grounds.

Mammoth Mountain RV Park is open and is your best option as they offer full hookups.  Plenty of boon docking is now available below the 7500-foot level outside of the town of Mammoth Lakes. Browns Town Camp Grounds in Bishop and Mill Pond are now open. 

I will have more camping information for you soon, can’t wait to get out there and boondock this season.

Fishing: Hot Creek, Pleasant Valley, and the Owens River are open under winter fishing rules at this time. The general fishing season starts at sunrise on Saturday, April 30th. Crowley is Ice-Free at this time. For a great fish report, check out Doug’s posts over at Sierra Drifters.

Mill Pond Disk Golf and Picnic Area: Located about 4 miles from the bottom of the Sherwin Grade has a great disk gold course and picnic area. There is also a nice Browns Town Camp Ground located on the property. Footloose Sports has all the disk golf supplies you could ever need in stock. Here is the link to more information on the Mill Pond Recreation area.

Fishing: Hot Creek, Pleasant Valley, and the Owens River are open under winter fishing rules. The general season starts April 30th… Crowley is Ice-Free at this time. For a great fish report, check out Doug’s posts over at Sierra Drifters.

For the complete list of what to do check out the Recreation page, we have set up here.

Ski Ya Later Snowman,

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