Recreational Weather Forecast – Mammoth Mountain & the Eastern Sierra

Good Monday morning on this April 18th @ 10:22 AM. The weekend storm system was an overproducer along the Sierra crest. Just what we want to see for our water supply for the Summer and Fall months.

Taking a look at the Ski Patrol summary there were 13.5 inches of snow at the 9000-foot level with 1.54 of water content. The last time there was 1 inch of water content was all the way back on 12-28.

Weather Summary: The next weather system is on the way for late tonight into Tuesday. The main effects will be the moderate winds, cloudy skies, and snow showers possible all the way down to Toms Place.

This system will be a weak one with just a dusting to maybe a couple of inches of fresh snow. By mid-week, the area clears out for about 36 hours and then the next upstream system moves in.

Models have shown a wide range of snowfall amounts from 3-5 inches to 18-24 inches. This morning’s data has all started to slide to the drier side.

Let’s see what Weather Guy comes up with on the Tuesday Powder Outlook, until then I would bank on amounts well under 1 foot.

If you’re going to be out on Mammoth Mountain on Tuesday expect to see cloudy skies with a chance of snow showers.

Snowfall amounts will be light in the 1/2 to 1-inch range around Main Lodge. Highs will be in the mid-30s with SW winds in the 35-55 MPH range with gusts over the top to 65-75 MPH.

By Wednesday skies clear out and there will be a taste of spring along with some winds picking up during the day.

Mammoth Lakes: Chance of snow showers with a dusting of snow on Tuesday.

Mammoth Lakes Airport to Toms Place: Skies will be cloudy on Tuesday with a chance of a stray snow shower.

The Lower Elevations Mill Pond to Bishop: Wind Advisories are up today and into Tuesday. Expect areas of blowing dust at times. …Let’s see if the winds actually shows up this time.

If the winds do pick up please stay on paved roads only, as one spark in the dry brush can send a fire running for miles.

The Weekend Outlook: The late-week system will have cleared out and the Eastern Sierra will be under sunny skies.

Highs will be in the 50s at Main Lodge, 60s from Mammoth Lakes to Toms Place, and upper 70s to low 80s for the Mill Pond to Bishop areas.

Winds this weekend should be light in all areas with just the top of Mammoth Mountain seeing moderate afternoon SW winds possible at times.


Here are the links to the specific highs, lows, and wind speeds for many of the major recreation points in the Eastern Sierra: Mammoth Mountain Main Lodge, Top of Mammoth Mountain, Mammoth Lakes, June Lake, Crowley Lake, Toms Place, Rock Creek Lake, Bishop & Mill Pond, South Lake.

Here is the link to Ted’s Mammoth Mountain Powder Forecast & Outlook.