ECMWF & CFS v2 Long Range Seasonal Outlook
for July 2022

7-7-22 @ 5:47 PM Here are the most recent long range fantasy Euro & CFS outlook data.

Looking at the information the EU model as a neutral Nino state for the upcoming snow season. With December and January having above average precipitation.

Got to take it all with a grain of salt as the CFS v2 wants to have us in the weak La Nina state with well below normal precipitation through December and then normal in January.

Of course this is all long range fantasy data that can be fun to look at on a hot Summer day. Let’s hope and pray that over the next few months both these models go green for the wet month of late 22 and and 2023.

**The new Euro data comes out each month around the 5th of the month. The next update on this data will be around August 7th here at the Mammoth Snowman website.

ECMWF Seasonal July Data