Eastern Sierra and Mammoth Mountain Mountain Bike Report

Eastern Sierra Mountain Biking Report

August 11th, 2022 – The upcoming days should offer up some great Mountain Biking from the Mammoth Bike Park to the Inyo National Forest trails down to the high desert.

Most of the local trails in the area are in great shape from all the repeated rain and then the full soaking session the land got last Friday. However, there is some erosion lines out there so do watch out they can catch you off guard.

The mountain bike park took the main hit from the rain last Thursday into Friday with 2-3+ inches in a 24-hour period… They just emailed me this report that I am going to paste in here.

From MM Bike Park: “Last week’s pattern of monsoon moisture created some of the best riding conditions in years. However late Thursday and Friday mother nature turned the hose in the sky up to 11, blasting Mammoth with multiple inches of rain in a very short period.

Unfortunately, it was just a bit too much and our trail network suffered countless erosion issues around the mountain. Have no fear though, both trail crew and bike patrol were on it, running around the mountain opening up waterways, shoveling, draining and raking as fast as possible.

While we won’t be 100% open this weekend, we’re getting closer. Iconic trails like Off the Top, Shotgun and Brake Through (which were all heavily damaged) have been repaired and are now riding as well, if not better than before.

Check our lift & trail status page for current updates and take advantage of the dirt, it truly is exceptional out in the park.”

So there you have it right from the Mountain…

Rain Erosion Lines on Cornice Bowl from last Friday
Rain Erosion Lines on Cornice Bowl from last Friday

Snowman will be out in the park on Friday and I will report back on what I find on my Saturday Bike Report Post.

If you’re coming up to the area with it being mid-August the best place to beat the warmth of Summer is the bike park and the higher elevations trails.

If you have a bike park pass try a ride up and into the park and take the lakes trail to Twin Lakes and then use the connector to hit up Mammoth Rock Trail back to town.

For those who want an isolated ride where you don’t see a lot of people out try the Mammoth Knolls Trail.

Down by Toms Place, Lower Rock Creek is still Green and Lush while Chipmunk Canyon in Bishop is great for those sunrise rides in the high desert.

**Do be aware that the high desert trails will get hot fast so get out by 7 AM or you’re going to roast to death and I am not joking.

Next Week: For those who plan to mountain bike next week the monsoonal flow looks to return Monday into Thursday with T Storms possible during the afternoon hours. Showers and storms will be spotty so one area can get hammered with a mile a way stays dry.


Off the Top Trail Paver TurnOff the Top Trail Paver Turn

More Video Action from the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park

Been out getting a ton of content this Summer out in the Bike Park. Below are the 1st edits on some of the trail videos we are working on. Have a bunch more content to film via POV and soon walk-down stop-and-go shots. 

I want to thank Mammoth Mountain for providing access to the hill this Summer. Been a ton of fun riding up and down the lifts, always just used to get a peddle pass, ha never again.

Ride on Snowman…

Mammoth Mountain Photos August 9th