Eastern Sierra and Mammoth Mountain Mountain Bike Report

Eastern Sierra Mountain Biking Report

Friday, August 19th, 2022 – it’s been a great Summer for Mountain Biking in the High Country along with sunrise rides in the high desert.

Taking a look at the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park they got some rain on Wednesday and that has re-upped the great riding once again.

How much rain fell? About a half an inch, just the right amount to get rid of the light dust and reinvigorate that tacky surface.

For this weekend expect 100% of the trail network to be up and running.

Locals Choice for Expert Riders: If you’re looking for a great fun long downhill give Skid Marks from the Summit a try. Take that trail all the way down and jump on Manzanita.

Next when you hit the junction with Follow Me take that trail down to Chair 16 at Canyon for the ride back up.

Outside of the park on National Forest Service land the trails and service roads are also in great shape from this August’s rainfall. Give Mountain View a try or the Knolls Loop a spin.

For those looking to ride in the High Desert or Bishop area do it early in the am around sunrise or you going to be too hot still.

If anyone wants to ride I plan on being at Chipmunk Canyon around 7:30 AM on Saturday. Let Ride!


Off the Top Trail Paver TurnOff the Top Trail Paver Turn

More Video Action from the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park

Been out getting a ton of content this Summer out in the Bike Park. Below are the 1st edits on some of the trail videos we are working on. Have a bunch more content to film via POV and soon walk-down stop-and-go shots. 

I want to thank Mammoth Mountain for providing access to the hill this Summer. Been a ton of fun riding up and down the lifts, always just used to get a peddle pass, ha never again.

Ride on Snowman…

Mammoth Mountain Photos August 9th