Eastern Sierra and Mammoth Mountain Mountain Bike Report

Eastern Sierra Mountain Biking Report

Thursday, September 8th, 2022 @ 11:24 AM – TG there is a change in the weather with cooler days in the forecast starting this weekend in all areas.

Highs for Mountain Biking in the high country will drop in the 60s mid-day with mid to upper 40s for you early morning riders. Bishop is expected to have afternoon highs in the mid to upper with the upper 50s to low 60s during the early morning hours.

Taking a look at the conditions in the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park, the trails are dry with the lack of rain but are holding up great. Crews have been great with trail maintenance this year.

If the forecast comes thru with moisture from hurricane Kay making it up here, there will be some brown pow days by Sunday and Monday. That forecasted rain would also make for an awesome last week of lift access in the bike park.

After September 18th the Bike Park will be officially closed but you can still ride with pedal power under Fall skies. Here is the link to the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park Page, make sure to check on the trails open before you head out.

Riding out on National Forest Service land the trails and service roads are also a bit dry now with some sandy conditions on some of the service roads and trails.

The riding will be much better with the cooler temperatures expected starting this weekend. Add in some rain and it will be time for a long adventure on some firm dirt.

Locals Tip: In the forest, give Mountain View Trail a try. If you’re in the bike park give Skid Marks a shot it’s one of my favorites (yes it’s an expert downhill trail).

For those looking to ride in the High Desert or Bishop area, it will be safe to ride again starting this weekend until mid-morning. 

Lower Rock Creek Canyon is a blast again, with way less people on the trail now that the Fall season is here. Chipmunk Canyon has been great for sunrise rides, but do beware it’s very dry in the area. Don’t park in or near the brush, please.

Overall the riding moving forward will be great with cooler days and hopefully some decent afternoon rains this weekend to clean and firm the trails up.

Ride on Snowman… 🙂

Twilight Zone Trail in the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park
Twilight Zone Trail in the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park

More Video Action from the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park

Been out getting a ton of content this Summer out in the Bike Park. Below are the 1st edits on some of the trail videos we are working on. Have a bunch more content to film via POV and soon walk-down stop-and-go shots. 

I want to thank Mammoth Mountain for providing access to the hill this Summer. Been a ton of fun riding up and down the lifts, always just used to get a peddle pass, ha never again.