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December 1st, 2022 @ 8 AM – Good morning, there is fresh snow falling out on Mammoth Mountain this morning. The 24 hour snowfall forecast still calls for 18-28+ inches of fresh snow out on the mountain.

Currently, up top, there is moderate snowfall with a temperature of 13 with an SW wind at 47 MPH gusting to 58 MPH. Down at Main Lodge, there is light to moderate snowfall at times with an SW at 6 gusting to 26 MPH at times with a temperature of 21.

Light snow has made it down into Mammoth Lakes and will be down onto 395 shortly as the main front is closing in quickly at this time. Roads are R1 at the entrance to town as of 8 AM. Expect the chain controls to move down near Toms place by early afternoon at the lastest.

If you plan to travel to Mammoth today be ready for moderate to heavy snow at times from Tom’s place north to Mammoth Lakes. Winds will also be howling with near-blizzard conditions into the evening hours.

Snow Conditions out on Mammoth Mountain will be changing over to powder and packed powder over the next few hours. Use caution if you’re out storm riding today as the base is in a low tide state.

For those planning on coming up for the weekend the forecast right now is trending toward a sub-tropical hook-up, which would mean several more feet of heavy base snow falling into Monday. 

As of now, it’s looking like an epic December coming up with plenty of base snow and powder to get things started off and then some bluebird days next week.

Overall the next month is looking wet with some decent periods of snowfall that will set the mountain up for a great Holiday period and a strong regular season starting in January.

To get the best video quality select the 4K option. (YouTube can delay 4k versions for a time.)

Lots of snow in the forecast over the next 5 days.
Lots of snow in the forecast over the next 5 days.

Mammoth Mountain Weather: If you’re going to be out on Mammoth Mountain today expect a Winter Storm Warning with snowfall turning to moderate to heavy at times during the mid morning hours.

The high near the main lodge will be in the mid-20s with extremely windy conditions with southwest winds of 40 to 50 mph, with gusts as high as 75-100 mph over the top.

Friday is looking cold with bluebird conditions and light winds with more snow in the forecast for all day Saturday and into Sunday. Looks like a break starting mid day next Monday.

To get our full forecast use this link to our Mammoth Weather Center.

What to do off the hill: Besides skiing and riding there are a lot of fun things to do now, here is a list of winter activities you can do now in the Mammoth Lakes area.

Ski Ya Later Snowman

Locals Snow Report from the Snowman

11-29-22 @ 3 PM – Just got my Tuesday skiing session in, the snow has set up big time after yesterday’s wind storm. About what I expected, there was still a ton of fun to be had you just want to pick your line more carefully for the smoothest turns. Winds go back to the SW on Wednesday so the snow should loosen up a bit more.

Carving is the call right now, I had out the K2 iKonic 82Ti’s. St Anton, Rusty’s, Saddle Bowl, Mambo, Roller Coaster, Solitude, and Downhill were all in great shape.

While coverage overall is good it’s low tide out on the hill and you need to watch for obstacles, especially off the groomed runs. Today I did notice that there are some areas where some little rocks are starting to float around on some of the groomers.

The forecasted storm coming in should refresh the hill with some fun powder and packed powder starting on Friday. I hope to see some of you out there, will have the camcorder so smile if you see the cam pointed your way. It’s low tide out on the hill so beware of charging powder lines.

Going to be a long season be smart…

Ski Ya Later Snowman

Broadway and the new Snow Cannons - 11-29-22
Broadway and the new Snow Cannons – 11-29-22

11-29-22 –  Conditions out on the hill are still a ton of fun, I got a ton of laps in on Sunday. Had to leave before I wanted to since my legs were done. Defiantly had a big smile on my face as I worked my way from Little Eagle over to Canyon Lodge then over to Main and then out to the Chair 12 area.

My first impression was for Late November the mountain is in great shape with a 1-3+ foot solid packed-out base. Second I was surprised that the groomers were skiing so nicely as it’s been 3 weeks now since the big storm hit.

If you’re into carving right now the snow is perfect on the groomers you can ride an edge short medium and long. Nothing like fast carving fun…

Up Top, both Cornice and Scotties are groomed with Dave’s still being the best choice for off-the-groomed right now.

Locals choice, groomer laps until the refresh of powder hits Thursday and Thursday night.

Friday will be a hurry-to-wait day but should offer some great fresh tracks once the lifts do open. I would expect LIMITED operations on Thursday and at times over the weekend.

If you’re thinking about coming up for storm riding do remember it’s low tide out there so I would take it slow.

Below are some of the images of got on Sunday, still breaking in a new camera and a new camcorder. Once I get my settings dialed there will be more killer images and snow stoke footage coming out.

Ski Ya Later Snowman

PS: The photos below are from Sunday and Tuesday, using the new Samsung S22 Ultra. Just added the new raw app that works great with photo shop. Moving forward look for much better photos here at mammothsnowman.com.  🙂