Mammoth Mountain Video Snow Report from the Snowman

12-14-22 7:30 PM – Here is your snow report from Wednesday out on Mammoth Mountain.

I started out over at Little Eagle and then headed right to chair 22 for a lap on Back For More. The run was freshly groomed and had been sitting in the sun for a couple of hours. The snow had softened just enough for some lovely early morning corduroy turns. Next Up I headed into Haven’t the Foggiest and it was just perfect corduroy. Had my K2 Ikonics out and they just loved carving a nice deep rail in the morning snow. Put a big smile on my face for sure. 

Took 15 back up and headed over to 16. Found some nice packed powder on Swell on the way over to 16.

Next up I headed up to the face of 5. Lots of snow on the Face, but it needs some wind now to finish packing out the snow.

Over on 3, Center Bowl, West Bowl, and Saddle bowl were all great. Some small bumps are starting to set up over in West Bowl with some good starting to get packed out snow on the skier’s left.

Took a run down St Anton and it gets funky in the lower half from what looks like Avy debris. I am sure the cat crew will get the flattened out when they get some time on their hands. Been a very busy week for the snow placement projects that are taking place.

G2 was closed with a strong up slope flow at the very top. Chair 23 was running with both Cornice and Scotties groomed with the rest of the top still in a powder-crud state.

Rode up 23 and took the skiers left on Scotties as Dougie fresh indicated that the snow in here was great. Yahoo the snow was great and we ripped on a nice T to B run.

Long Winter Shadows on Scotties - Dougie Fresh on the Snowboard
Long Winter Shadows on Scotties – Dougie Fresh on the Snowboard

Took a couple laps over in the Unbound Main and Forest Trail and both parks are maxed out with features and some big air.

The Snow Makers have blown a ton of snow over in the unbound and the Snow Cat Crew is now working on getting the Main Park Slope Style course built. Construction has also begun now on the Main Half Pipe right at Main Lodge.

What a Fall we have had up here on Mammoth Mountain Top 5 in my 30+ years of being in the area.

If you have some time to spare get up here for some turns. Nothing like a 77-135 inch base to get the Winter kicked off with.

Ski Ya Later, Snowman