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January 4th, 2022 @ 7:46 AM – Good morning, and thanks for stopping by, here is your morning update for today.

It’s a winter wonderland from the top of the Sherwin Grade to Mammoth Mountain and on up to June Lake. And yes, it’s snowing again this morning, time for some freshies.

Driving around on Tuesday with the clear skies you could see the Eastern Sierra snowpack area-wide is looking deep after the big New Years’ weekend base storm. That snowpack will only get deeper with all the mid-latitude storms that are lined up to move thru the area over the next 6-10 days.

You can expect a long extended season out on Mammoth Mountain this year. Right now the base at Main Lodge is 113 inches with 158 inches at Mc Coy and 176 inches at the top of the mountain. Within that base is a ton of water content that’s now all frozen up and will take months to melt off yahoo. 🙂

Mammoth Mountain Weather: Currently, up top, there are cloudy skies with a temperature of 17 degrees with winds out of the South at 37 to 43 MPH. Down at Main Lodge, the temperature this morning is 26 degrees with light winds.

If you’re out on the hill today expect cloudy skies with moderate snowfall possible in the morning with several inches of fresh snow. It will be windy with a southwest wind of 15 to 30 mph increasing to 45 to 60 mph in the afternoon. Winds could gust as high as 75 mph over higher elevations. I would expect lots of lift to be on hold once the wind picks up this afternoon.

Tonight into Thursday the colder portion of the storm arrives with what looks like a “Riders of the Storm Day” for Thursday. Winds will be moderate the mountain should be able to run some lifts to get you to the goods.

Use this link to get our full Mammoth Mountain Weather Discussion.

Mammoth Snow Conditions: Expect packed powder to turn over to fresh powder as the morning goes on with fresh snow falling out on the hill during the morning hours. With the wind and snow once again we can expect the upper and mid-mountain to be on wind hold at times.

Get the full Mammoth Mountain Locals Snow Report at this link.

Roads: Chains or snow tires are required in Mammoth Lakes and up to all the ski lodges. 395 is open and clear this morning. Please note, with the storminess forecast for the next 6 of 7 days, you need to be prepared for winter driving conditions from the top of the Sherwin Grade up to Mammoth Lakes.

While cal trans is understaffed, the crew they have has been doing an amazing job on highways 395 and 203. Just take it slow and chain up if you don’t have snow tires or AWD / 4 x 4. PS:

>>> Remove the Snow from your Car Please… You can get a ticket for leaving snow on the roof of your car, it’s a hazard when it flies off. The heavy sierra cement snow can break out car windows behind you when it shed off. We saw CHP pulling people over and making them shovel it off on the side of the road the other day.


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Tuesday Morning with Wind Effected Fresh Snowfall - 1-4-22
Tuesday Morning with Wind Effected Fresh Snowfall – 1-4-22

Mammoth Snowman Photos 1-3-23

Was hoping to get a ton more photos today, but I only had the morning hours and with not much open I just skied Lincoln. I will be back out on Friday and will be skiing out of Main so I can get better images of the top. Click any of the images below and the viewer will pop up. Snowman

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