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January 30th, 2023 @ 6:00  AM – Good morning, and thanks for stopping by Mammothsnowman.com. 4-6 inches of fresh snow has fallen from last nights quick hitting system, the snow is light and dry.

If you’re going to be out on Mammoth Mountain today make sure to have full face protection as wind chills are in the 15- to -30 range at this time.

Road Conditions: 395 is R1 or Chain Required from 20 miles north of Bishop up to the 203 exit. In Mammoth Lakes, you will also find R1 conditions at this time.

Mammoth Mountain Weather:  Currently out on Mammoth Mountain there are cloudy skies with light snowfall. Up top, the temperature is -1 degrees with an NE wind at 41 MPH gusting to 48 MPH.

Down in the Main Lodge area, the temperature is 6 degrees with NNE winds at 2 MPH gusting to 17 MPH. Up at the top of Chair 1, the wind is ENE at 16 MPH gusting to 22 MPH.

For today expect decreasing clouds and snow showers during the early morning hours. Temperatures today will be in the teens to low twenties with negative wind chill factors expected all day.

Winds on the lower and mid-mountain will NE wind @ 10-20 mph, with gusts to 25 mph. Over the top, there will be a NE wind gusting to 45-55 MPH at times.

For the upcoming week’s full forecast check out the Mammoth Mountain Weather forecast page.

Mammoth Snow Report & Conditions:  Expect some freshies on the hill this morning off the groomed runs. The groomers will have a mix of freshly packed snow with a lot of the trails having a couple of inches of freshness on top of what was groomed early last night. It’s very cold today so add in a couple of extra layers of clothing.

Things to do off the Hill: There are a bunch of winter activities besides skiing and snowboarding you can do up here in Mammoth and the Eastern Sierra. Here is a link to that write-up on what to do in Winter.

Ski ya Later, Snowman

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