Mammoth Mountain Snow Report with Photos from the Snowman – 1-31-23

Had a great morning out on the hill, did laps for 3+ hours skiing from Little Eagle over to Main Lodge, and back checking out as many runs as possible.

Here are my observations from this morning’s ski and photo session.

The groomers are all in great shape with some crispy carvable groomed corduroy at the first bell. Most of that snow softens as the sun comes up and turns into a very fun ski and ride-packed powder.

I did find a few spots that are set up and firm due to the colder NE flow that has been in the area for the last week.

My advice is to break out the carving gear as the snow is perfect to ride an edge on right now. The snowpack has consolidated just enough that the base is not getting all chewed up and chopped up at all now.

Off the groomed: Yesterday’s low-end powder fest has left some nice softer snow to ride on in many spots mid-mountain. Yes, you are still hitting the firmer base at times, but most turns are on a softer surface.

Up Top: The good news is a lot of the upslope wind damage from last week got covered by the new snow and the strong SW winds the last couple of days. The snow is still a bit funky. Firm, but should soften up as temperatures warm up the next couple of days.

Hopefully, the small system that’s coming in on Sunday will have enough fresh snow and SW wind effect to finish flatting out all the upper bowls. Another powder day would also be awesome for everyone who’s up early next week.

If you’re looking to ski and ride on miles of groomers you will absolutely love what the mountain is offering up right now. For those wanting to do laps off the top, you will need to pick and choose your line carefully.


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