Mammoth Mountain Snow Report & Conditions from the Snowman

February 8th @ 8 AM – The 18-24 inches of fresh snow the mountain picked up early in the week has refreshed the mountain with softer mid-winter packed powder conditions.

Up Top, almost all of the funky NE wind drifts are gone now you just need to watch yourself at the very top when you’re dropping in.

The snow surface is soft with a lot of the terrain still in transition from powder crud to a more packed surface. If you like steep groomers, Cornice and Scotties are all groomed out wide for some great carving turns.

The lower and mid-mountain groomers are soft and fun with the mountain crews grooming out the maximum amount of terrain possible. They are doing a great job of getting the corduroy rolling into a flat-packed powder surface.

Locals’ Choice Today is to hit the Mill lifts at 8:30 AM and harvest as much corduroy as possible and then get up top to explore the Wipe Outs and Drop Outs. Just noticed that they also groomed a run to the skiers right of the Chair 9 lift line.

For you experts, a run down the Avy chutes should also be on your list for today. And for those who love the groomers don’t miss out on the chair 14 area, the snow is fantastic and the views are great right now.

Snowfall & Base: At the 9000-foot Level / Main Lodge Area there are 160 inches of packed snow on the ground.



Snow Trip Report from February 7th, 2023

Monday turned into a super sweet blue bird powder day with 18-24 inches of fresh snow from the storm system that went thru on Sunday. Lincoln had been all tracked out on Sunday, but the Top and most of the East Bowl off of 9 was wide open fresh.

Waiting for the Rope Drop at the Top of 5.

^ If you check out the video just above this write up you can see I ended up at the top of High Five Express for the rope drop. Ended up with the hole shot and got a fresh run all the way down the Gold Hill Glades with about 200 people hooting and hollering behind me.

That was a classic Mammoth Powder day run. It was even better since it was my first freshies in a year after a high hamstring tear last season. Was nice to taste some untouched fresh snow again.

Upper Gold Hill

The next score was the first tree slot on the traverse off the top of 9. The snow in here was just a fantastic fluffy powder about 18 inches deep.

Dragons Back Powder Run

After these couple laps there was a big line at 9 so I decided it was time to go check out the top and get some laps on chair 23.

The first thing I noticed about the top runs over by chair 23 was that the ugly NE wind sculptures where gone now. All the runs had been filled in flat once again. Skied the first Wipe Out Chute on the first upper section where you can see the wind blowing in the photo below. The snow was a soft sugary wind duff surface

Chair 23, Drops Outs and Wipe Out

Looking down the first Wipe Out Chute, the snow was a soft sugary wind duff surface all the way down to the end of the rocks you see on the skiers right.

WIpe Out One

Looking back up that first section of wind NE Wind Blown Duff. That sure was fun, can’t wait to ski this again when the SW winds start blowing the snow around again.

NE Wind Duff Effect on Wipe Out 1

Next up headed over to Monument to ski some of the left over pillows of powder.

Top of Monument

Looking back up Monument and the Paranoids, there is great coverage. Due beware of the rocks on the ridge between P1 and P2. That area had a long section of exposed rocks on the ridge.

18-24 Inches of Fresh Powder on the Noids

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More Mammoth Mountain Snow Report Information

Mammoth Mountain Ski Area Stats: Everyone wants the basic stats about Mammoth Mountain

Base Elevation 7,953 ft
Summit Elevation 11,053 ft
Vertical Rise 3,100 ft
Skiable Acres 3,500+
Number of Named Trails 150
Number of Lifts 25 (includes 9 express quads, 2 express six-packs, 2 gondolas)
Snowmaking over 50 trails
Parks 8 parks with 100+ jibs and 50+ jumps; 3 halfpipes
The average Snowfall per Year is 400 inches
Average Season Length Nov into June

15% expert
20% advanced
40% intermediate
25% beginner

Check out the full overview write-up on the Mammoth Mountain Ski Area at this link.

Live Mammoth Mountain Ski Area Webcams and Still Captures: If you’re looking for current conditions via a webcam view here is the link to take it all in without having to mess with the live webcam control page. I stop by this page at this  2-3 times a day when I need a Mammoth Mountain fix.

Winter Season Operations & Hours:  Lifts run from early November until at least Memorial Day each season. This is one of the longest and most consistent seasonal operations in the country. Lifts run from 8:30 AM until 4 PM wind and weather permitting.

Base Lodges: You will find three Base Lodges and 2 Outpost locations at Mammoth Mountain. The Main Lodge is 8900 feet, Canyon Lodge is 8300 Feet, and Little Eagle Lodge at 7900 feet.

Outposts: The Mill is located at the base of Chairs 2 and 10 and the Outpost is located out at the base of chairs 13 and 14. Both offer up food, beverages, water, and restrooms.

Snowmaking: Mammoth’s snowmaking system runs from Main Lodge to the top of the Mountain and over to both Canyon and Eagle Lodge. The system works best when supplemented with some natural snow. 

Massive upgrades are taking place with the snowmaking system for the 2022/2023 season. Here is the link to learn more about the snowmaking system at Mammoth Mountain.

Mammoth Mountain Snowfall History: Looking for past snowfall trends and when to plan the best time to come up? Take a look at our snowfall history data page. You will find month-to-month snowfall from 1969 on. Here is the link to access the page.

Parking & Shuttles Service: There is some bogus info on the internet about parking and such at the hill. The bottom line is there is tons of parking if you show up early. Remember you don’t have to access Mammoth Mountain from a lodge you can walk in from several spots on the roads to chairs 4, 20, 21, 10, and of course Chair 2 which has its own parking lot.

For those who are late birds plan on parking down the hill and riding up from one of the MANY shuttle pick-up spots that are well-marked along the road and down in town. During big weekends, holidays and bluebird powder days expect to wait as the crowds will be out. Here is the link to learn more about the shuttle service from town and the parking shuttles.

Lodging Options: We have a few private lodging rentals listed here on the website. Here is the link to access that information.

Get Lift Tickets: The best deal is to get an Ikon Season Pass, 7 days or less and the pass pays for itself. Enjoy the freedom of having a season pass. Just pull up boot up and go, no lines or sell-out days. If you’re looking for a deal on daily lift tickets I would bookmark the lift ticket page at the Ski Area website. There are often non-holiday deals posted.

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Other things to do in Mammoth Lakes and the Eastern Sierra: If members of your family are not into skiing and snowboarding there is a ton to do in the wintertime. Here is the link to learn more.

Photos of the Mammoth Mountain Ski Area

Live MC Coy Station Webcam Feed
Mammoth Mountain Ski Area Trail Map
Trail Map for the Mammoth Mountain Ski Area
Trail Map for the Mammoth Mountain Ski Area

Opening Day Video Snow Report from 10-29-21 in 4k

Where is Mammoth Mountain & Mammoth Lakes, California?

Mammoth Mountain Ski Patrol Snowfall Data from 2021-22

Here is the link to the full season data at Ski Patrol… the below image goes thru March.

Mammoth Mountain Ski Patrol
Mammoth Mountain Ski Patrol

Past Mammoth Mountain Snow Report Posts

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