Eastern Sierra and Mammoth Mountain Mountain Bike Report

Eastern Sierra Mountain Biking Report

March 18th, 2023 @ 3 PM The Owens Valley has melted out of the snow zone with everything below 5000 feet now ridable with just a few snow patches around that elevation. I rode Chipmunk Canyon the last couple days and the dirt was firm and still moist.

Right now there is a solid deep snow cover over just about all of Mono County, unless you have a fat bike it will be a long time till much gets opened. When I say a long time I mean with it with a record-breaking snow pack in all areas above 7000 feet right now.

The snowline is just above the scenic viewpoint overlooking Round Valley on the 395. With the snow that low the upper 2 sections of Lower Rock Creek Canyon are buried under the snow. Snow Plow crews have left the road unplowed for now.

Been a long time since I have personally seen that much snow in lower rock creek, there must be 3-5 feet still on the ground. Have not been able to verify what the state of the 3rd section is and if you can even ride it.

I hope to see some of you out there riding around now that spring has sprung in Bishop. Feel free to email me with any questions you have about riding in the Bishop, Round Valley, and White Mountain areas right now.

Ride on Snowman… 🙂

PS: No Word on the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park. Based on the snow pack it will be July 4th before the lower Mountain trails are ready to ride. Main Lodge Trails are expected to be covered in snow through July and into August.