Mammoth Mountain Weather Forecast & Discussion

March 18th, 2023 @ 3:40 PM – Good evening, high clouds are streaming into the area ahead of the next weather system that will effect Mammoth and the Eastern Sierra on Sunday.

Most of the action will be in the high country with moderate snowfall at times starting early Sunday morning. Snowfall amounts by Monday AM are expected in the 6-8 inches range. The NWS AI forecast using the HRRR model is way off showing almost 2 feet by Monday am.


If you’re going to be out on Mammoth Mountain Sunday expect snow showers moderate at times with 1-4 inches of new snow possible. Temperatures will be in the low to mid-30s with SW winds 15-25 MPH with gusts in the 45-80 MPH range over the higher elevations.

Ski Ya Later Snowman

West Coast and Eastern Pacific Satellite View
West Coast and Eastern Pacific Satellite View

3-18-23 @ 10:30 AM – Here are your fresh weather images for Saturday morning. There is a strong low that will drop south down the west coast into Southern California Monday into next Wednesday.

This system will have a weak AR hook-up that will be mostly to the south of Mammoth. However, there still could be 12-18 inches in Mammoth Lakes with 2-3 feet possible above the 9000-foot level up to the top of Mammoth Mountain.

There will be a bit of a break Thursday and Friday followed by an inside slider that will have much smaller amounts of snow and colder air next weekend. That system is quickly followed by what we call a hybrid slider that wants to come right down the Sierra Crest. What side of the crest the low does come down will decide how much snow Mammoth could get from that system.

Looking out the entire 16 day fantasy run there are no big warming trends in the offering just cool weather with snow showers at times once we get past this next Wednesday.

0- 16 Day - EPS 500 Height Anomaly

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GEFS High Anopmply Chart February 27th to March 21st
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