Mammoth Mountain Snow Report from the Snowman

1-11-2024 @ 5 PM Another foot of light and dry powder fell from the Wednesday system, creating mid-winter conditions on the hill today. It was a total low tide powder fest out there with lots of freshies to be had. All in all, the word from everyone today was that it was epic fun.  

Fresh Powder on the Bear - 1-11-2024
Fresh Powder on the Bear – 1-11-2024

For those venturing out on Friday, You will find packed powder conditions with limited obstacles on all the currently open groomers. My advice is to start your day out of the Mill. Get some laps on chairs 2 and 10, then hit Center Bowl if it gets groomed tonight.

Cornice should also be groomed tonight, and with the fresh snow, you can bet it will be good right from the start on Friday morning. Check out the runs off of chair 12; the last two storms have made for much better coverage in that area.

Looking at the current base, it’s still low tide out there with 37.1 inches at the 9000-foot level with an estimated 40-50+ inches up top and on the faces of 3 and 5. Off the groomed, you will find large rocks, stumps, and blowdowns you’re not used to seeing mid-winter. Take it easy, be careful, and stick to the groomed if you’re not into Adventure skiing.

Up Top: The best snow and safest places to ski and ride are the groomed Cornice Bowl and the middle and lower Drop Out area. Gremlins and World Cup are good runs to link up with if you’re doing laps back to 23.

Climax is now open with some fun-packed powder, but like everywhere else, you must watch for the large rock sharks. Dave’s Run is still closed, with no word on when it will open. If you look at the photo of Dave’s Run below, you can still see the ice band left over from last season’s snowpack. 

All the ridge lines from Chair 23 down to the Noids are still mostly stripped of snow. Some paths still have snow so that you can get into Monument, the Noids, Scotties, and the Wipe Outs.

Lifts that Remain Closed: Chairs 9, 22, and 25; yes, you can hike and ski the 22 and 25 areas when the closed sign has been pulled; use extreme caution and be ready for core shots. The Back Side is open, but coverage out there has been very thin every time I have tried it this season.

Locals’ Choice: I like the groomers out of the Mill at first chair. A lap up 2 to 3 and then Saddle Bowl to Mambo gets the legs warmed up nicely. From there, it’s G2 to Cornice Bowl, back to Main Lodge via World Cup to Rustys. Some of the routes I like are still not groomed out and need more snow; you have to think about your day differently this year.

Snowman out…

Mammoth Mountain 1-11-24
Mammoth Mountain 1-11-24
Powder Day at Mammoth Mountain 1-11-24
Powder Day at Mammoth Mountain 1-11-24

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